Feb 202001

2001-02-20.mckeeverVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On February 20, 2001, then Freedom Party of Ontario executive member Paul McKeever appeared before Ontario’s Standing Committee on Justice and Social Policy to testify in opposition to Bill 155, which was titled “Remedies for Organized Crime and Other Unlawful Activities Act, 2000”. The bill was introduced by then Ontario PC MPP and Attorney General Jim Flaherty. It later was passed into law.

The bill allows the government to cease private property from its owner even without charging the owner with an offence. Freedom Party opposed the bill on both philosophical and legal grounds.

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Sep 011990

1990-09-xx.metz-thumb.2VIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

In September of 1990, during Ontario’s general election, Rogers held a televised leaders debate that included all but the three leaders whose parties most recenty held seats in Ontario’s Legislature. Debaters: Robert Metz (then leader, Freedom Party of Ontario), Elizabeth Rowley (Communist Party), Jim Harris (Green Party), James Stock (Libertarian Party), and Louis di Rocco (Family Coalition Party). Hosted by David Schatzky. Questions from callers: How would each party get AIDs medicines to patients without patients having to pay the high cost of those medicines; What would each party do about funding to public schools?; What is the Family Coalition Party’s position on homosexuality?; What would the Green Party do with respect to garbage and energy lost with our waste?; Where do the candidates stand on the issue of Sunday shopping?; What is Freedom Party’s position on the right to recall (i.e., unseat) MPPs when they do not keep their problems?; Is the Libertarian party committed to more funding for police forces to “combat the rampant drug problem in this province”?; What kind of program does the Communist Party have?; What is each party’s position on multiculturalism?; What is each party’s position on rent controls?; What is each party’s position on immigration?; What is each party’s position on abortion?; What is each party’s position on Worker’s Compensation? Continue reading »

May 011988

1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:
In March of 1988, the U.S. border patrol began seizing cars, boats, other vehicles, and their contents, in situations where illegal drugs were found in the vehicle. On her “Talkback” program (Radio 98), host Ann Hutchison wanted to know whether people thought asset seizure to be “fair”. Both Freedom Party president Robert Metz and Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery called in to share their thoughts on the matter.




Robert Metz Excerpt

Marc Emery Excerpt

Complete Recording
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Dec 011984

Openers: Democracy, Resignations & Appointments; “There’ll be no democracy for Freedoms” (newspaper coverage); “If you didn’t win one of these, you’re lucky” (newspaper coverage); Freedom (Party) on the Job Wins First Round at Eaton’s; Letters to the Editor re: Eaton’s; “Eaton’s workers reject union” (newspaper article); Freedom Party’s Opposition to Tax-financed Hosting of 1991 Games Produces Overwhelming Support; INSERT: “The London Citizens’ Guide to The Tax-Paid 1991 Pan-Am Games Bid”; “Pamphlet challenges Pan-Am Games bid” (newspaper coverage); Letter to the Editor (Robert Metz); “Aldermen concede city split on issue of Pan-Am Games” (newspaper article); “Speak up, supporters” (newspaper coverage); What is the Government Doing to Your Neighbourhood?; Get Involved (this means you!); University of Western Ontario Homecoming Party Not Held at Own ‘Home’; “Why London should review grant to UWO” (letter to editor – Marc Emery); Cartoon (Marc Emery and the Gatewood riots issue); Building Our Reputation: Community Involvement and Its Rewards; Prosperity as the Road to Freedom; Campaigning for Success (not for votes); A Sample Interview with FP Action Director; Wanted!; Our Record for 1984. Continue reading »

Nov 071984

1984-11-xx.radio-western-gatewood-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

On October 19, 1984, in London, Ontario, revellers in the Gatewood Crescent area (most thought to be students of the University of Western Ontario) smashed beer bottles on the street and driveways, and urinated on lawns, gardens, and automobiles. Local residents found themselves virtually helpless against the collective onslaught of over 1000 party-goers. Despite police attempts to disburse the crowd by using tear-gas, verbal and physical onslaughts against residents continued into the hours of dawn. On a Wednesday (it’s not clear which Wednesday) in November of 1984, the radio station at the University of Western Ontario broadcasted a one-hour discussion about the Gatewood riot. Panelists included Freedom Party of Ontario’s Action Director, Marc Emery. Emery found himself having to pronounce explicit moral judgement against those who did not seem to have any regard for, or understanding of, the property rights of others.

NOTE: This recording was featured at pages 11 to 12 of Issue 4 of “Freedom Flyer”, the September to December 1984 issue of Freedom Party of Ontario’s official newsletter.

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Apr 281981

1980-xx-xx.emery-thumb2AUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

Years prior to the founding of Freedom Party of Ontario, Marc Emery was a weekly contributor a program called Access 96, broadcasted on CFPL FM 96 in London, Ontario. In this broadcast, Marc condemns the 6% conviction rate of the London police force, and concludes that people are going to have to hire private police if they want to be protected from criminals.

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