Jun 092005

“Freedom Party of Ontario leader, Paul McKeever, praised the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision today which declared unconstitutional a Quebec law prohibiting individuals from spending their own money on health care services. His party views the decision as added fire-power for its unique stand on the issue leading into Ontario Election 2007…” [Click here to read the full release]

Jun 072005

“…Freedom Party of Ontario Leader, Paul McKeever, says the government, with the opposition’s assistance, is engaging in a political fraud: that the public is being misled so that they will embrace legislation designed to load government costs onto the backs of employees and private sector employers…” [Click here to read the full release]

Jun 062005


Excerpt from show. This segment began just after hosts Megan Walker and Morris Dalla Costa held a discussion with an administrator a hospital in government monopolize health care system of Ontario, Canada. Freedom Party of Ontario co-founder and president Robert Metz expresses his frustration with the pathetic state of healthcare, and a call for 100% privatization.

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