Oct 231999

1999-10-23.elieff-leishmanVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On October 23, 1999, Freedom Party of Ontario held a dinner in support of London landlord Elijah Elieff’s civil action against Susan Eagle, the London Free Press, and others. Elieff had been smeared in the press. He also had been falsely accused of having engaged in racial discrimination against some of his tenants (the Human Rights Board of Inquiry found he had not engaged in racial discrimination). His name having been dragged through the mud, and he having been financially ruined due to activism by those who sought to take control of his apartment buildings and turn them in to a housing co-op, Elieff now was proceeding with a civil suit against those he believed were responsible. Continue reading »

Oct 011999

Four-page hardcopy letter from Robert Metz to members and supporters of Freedom Party of Ontario, inviting them to Freedom Party’s October 23, 1999 dinner at the 7 Dwarves restaurant in London, Ontario. The dinner featured guest speaker Rory Leishman (National Affairs Columnist for the London Free Press), and was held to help raise funds for Elijah Elieff’s 1998 lawsuit against Reverend Susan Eagle, the London Free Press and others who he believed had smeared him and financially ruined him. The letter included 7 pages of inserts, including profiles of Elieff, Leishman, and Metz, and related news clippings. The mailer was Mailed to members and supporters via Canada Post. Continue reading »