Jul 102016

NATURAL GAS LEAK DRAWS FIRE: FP Media Release Fuels Official Denial of Liberal Plans To Ban Natural Gas;Wayne Simmons the FP choice in Scarborough-Rouge River by-election; Freedom Party of Ontario Media Release: Politicized “Energy Care” the Hidden Goal of Ontario; Reader Feedback re: “Energy Care”; New Amber Alerts earning some bad reviews. Continue reading »

Apr 132016

CARBON COPIES on CLIMATE CHANGE: Kathleen Wynne (L) – Patrick Brown (PC) – Andrea Horwath (NDP); “NO THANKS…” says FP candidate Doug Thom to Ontario’s beer monopoly; THE TAXING REALITIES OF CARBONATED POLITICS – by Robert Metz; HUDAK PCs COMMITTED TO ‘FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE’ VIA CAP AND TRADE – Paul McKeever (from the FPO Archive – June 3, 2011); “MONOPOLY UBER ALLES”; DECISION ON COMPLAINT RENDERED. Continue reading »

Dec 072015

SO WHERE’S THE RIGHT?: All Ontario parties in legislature on the left; PRESERVED IN STONE: Brampton-West Freedom Party constituency association president Ted Harlson proudly displays his original artistic creation; from ‘left-to-right’ – the road to freedom: philosophy, ideology, action; PATRICK’s ideological BROWN-out: Red Alert! – Why the PCs are on the left; A ZOMBIE STORY: Running from tyranny vs Running to freedom. Continue reading »

Sep 262014

What Counts: Election 2014 by the numbers; FP candidates generate the debate in London-area election campaigns; London Media – Hits and Misses: City’s daily paper, the London Free Press, fails to inform voters about FP; Is 2013 by-election London West PC candidate Ali Chahbar bitter?; Expanded province-wide FP election coverage to follow; One (Freedom Party) number to call…519-681-3999. Continue reading »

Dec 152013

The Price of Power: November Dinner Event Launches Next Election Phase; “We’re In For A $hock!with Ontario Hydro” we warned – in 1985; Postage paid (letters and responses): PC is only hope, Voter’s dilemma – how can I justify voting for Freedom Party?, Several reasons to make religion illegal…one reason not to; Why voting for the lesser of two evils is wrong. Continue reading »

Jul 282013

Gretzky breaks barriers; London Free of Press about Gretzky; …as Gretzky headlines news on Sun, CTV, radio…; Orange, red, blue election signs challenge political colour barriers; Five by-elections to be held August 1; Freedom Party radio message hits home as Freedom Party scores first strike in by-election battle; 2013 by-elections – Freedom Party candidates; columnist Clay Powell endorses Gretzky in London West. Continue reading »

Aug 012010

McKeever releases “The Principle of Pot” documentary; Emery extradited; Vaughan joins Metz to co-host Just Right, plus Euro-correspondent Paul Lambert; Coulter Free to Speak – on Just Right; who’s new on Just Right: high-profile news-makers speak their minds; Toronto ‘wins’ Pan-Am game bid…taxpayers lose; winning bid for Pan Am games would be a loss for city; FP speakers at London (Ontario) City Hall tax rally; citizens to tell politicians to stop reckless spending; A-Channel’s Don Mumford gets an ‘A’ from Just Right. Continue reading »

Oct 012009

No tax for Pan Am campaign launched; Spinter group campaigns to halt Pan Am; anti-idling by-laws an admitted fraud; politicians divided over anti-idling bylaw; council toughens anti-idling bylaw; Marc Emery headed for American prison; ‘Canada owes me’, Emery says; ‘Hometown’ London radio talk show personalities on Marc Emery; Is Marc Emery’s political career up in smoke?; letters; St. Paul’s by-election: repeal forced retail closings; appeal process now only hope, Magder says (1992); McKeever rejects support for all channels; MPs seek support for A Channel. Continue reading »