Jul 102016

NATURAL GAS LEAK DRAWS FIRE: FP Media Release Fuels Official Denial of Liberal Plans To Ban Natural Gas;Wayne Simmons the FP choice in Scarborough-Rouge River by-election; Freedom Party of Ontario Media Release: Politicized “Energy Care” the Hidden Goal of Ontario; Reader Feedback re: “Energy Care”; New Amber Alerts earning some bad reviews.

NOTE: Hard copies of this issue of FP News and Commentary were mailed to Freedom Party members and supporters together with a cover letter written by Freedom Party of Ontario president Robert Metz. A link to the cover letter is provided below.


Document Details:

Document: FP News & Commentary (Issue #11)
Document Dated: July, 2016
Publisher: Freedom Party International
Editor: Robert Metz
Document Type: Newsletter
Number of Pages: 4
Color/BW: Black and white

File format (8.5″ x 11″ – for online viewing): .pdf; size: 2.4 MB; URL: 2016-06-xx.FpNEWSandCOMMENTARY-011-8.5X11.pdf

File format (11″ x 17″ – for print reproduction): .pdf; size: 2.4 MB; URL: https://www.freedomparty.org/fpnc/2016-06-xx.FpNEWSandCOMMENTARY-011-11X17.pdf

Cover letter: https://www.freedomparty.org/fpnc/2016-07-17.FpNEWSandCOMMENTARY-COVERINGletter.pdf