Dec 011991

Freedom Party Launches Campaign For Freedom Of Choice In Education; Fp Targets Union Election Tactics; Protection of Rights Key To Constitutional Success, Says Frampton; Freedom Party Advocates Phasing Out Rent Control In Ontario; Bad Intentions Behind Bill 121, Says Metz; Socialism Under Fire; Freedom Party Joins Tax Coalition Battle; Freedom Party Sunday Shopping Views Clash With All-Party Committee; Government Pulls Plug On Private Daycare – Metz Warns Daycare Operators of NDP Agenda; The Gulf War: Protesters Backing A Bully, Says Robert Metz in Newspaper Editorial; Year-End Re-cap, and more…! Continue reading »

May 011991

Document Description:
This booklet is one of four records of action published by Freedom Party of Ontario to give its members and supporters a brief overview of its activities since the party’s founding in 1984. The four records of action were as published follows:

– “Your Money’s Worth!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1991” (~1991)
– “On the Record!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1992” (~1992)
– “On the Record!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1994” (April, 1995)
– “On the Record!: Freedom Party In Action! 1984-1997” (July, 1997) Continue reading »

Apr 231991

1991-04-23.frampton-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On April 23, 1991, then Freedom Party of Ontario Regional Vice President William Frampton testified before a Special Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Commons on the Process for Amending the Constitution of Canada. “Unless our constitution is so designed as to protect individual rights as opposed to group rights, no number of amendments, referendums, or any other democratic means can possibly address the gross injustices that will inevitably result,” argued Frampton to a committee that was openly hostile to his point of view. “The people of Canada will never be assured of security of their freedom and inalienable rights, unless the most overriding feature of our constitution is a guarantee of fundamental freedoms.” NOTE: Freedom Party of Ontario reported on Frampton’s testimony in Freedom Flyer #19. Continue reading »

Mar 151991

Politicians, teachers targets during tax group’s session; Freedom Party helps launch taxpayer coalition chapters; Elgin citizens are urged to not pay tax increase; Tax Axioms; Trustees get taste of taxpayer temper; Rebels achieve little even when they win; Falling into the poverty trap; News makers and events; $387,522,403,456 ‘Debt clock’ tells tale; Tax fighters seek Ontario-wide support; Coalition warns taxes withheld; Tax fighters ready to battle governments. Continue reading »

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Feb 011991

Freedom Party Launches ‘Ax the Tax’ Campaign; Special Anti-Tax Newsletter Published – The Tax Act; Socialism 102 – What’s Next? Fascism? – Commentary By Robert Metz; At Rope’s End – Tax Revolt In Ontario; Monteith Urges Citizens Not To Pay Tax Increase; Emery Resigns; Fp Launches Media Blitz; “High Costs, Taxes, Driving Jobs South” Says Frampton in Toronto Star Editorial. Continue reading »

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