Dec 101986


One of Freedom Party’s many functions is to accept invitations to high schools in Ontario and speak on freedom, freedom of choice and, of course, Freedom Party. Here, Fp President Robert Metz talks with grade 13 students at Northern Collegiate High School in Sarnia in December of 1986. Based on his reference to the distribution of flyer’s opposed to a ban on Sunday retailing, it is being assumed that he appeared at Northern Collegiate between December 7 and December 14, 1986 (the dates on which the flyers were distributed).

Note: Robert Metz’s talk at Northern Collegiate was reported in Freedom Flyer #9.

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Oct 041986

1986-10-06.emerling-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On October 4 and 5, 1986, Freedom Party held a workshop for its members and supporters at the then Park Lane Hotel at 186 King Street in London, Ontario. Titled the “Art of Political Persuasion Workshop”, the workshop was led by political advisor Michael Emerling (a.k.a., Michael Cloud). It was Emerling’s first workshop for Freedom Party of Ontario (the second being held in 1989). The workshop originally had been planned and marketed as a two-day event and those two days were video taped in their entirety. Continue reading »

Sep 161986

1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:
On September 14, 1986, U.S. President Ronald Reagan called upon Americans, in a televised address, to support him in an “all out war” on illegal drugs. Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney thereafter deviated from a prepared speech to declare that “drug abuse has become an epidemic that undermines our economic as well as our social fabric”. So, on September 16, 1986, AM 980’s Wayne McLean asked listeners to call in to his show to tell him whether or not they believe that there is an illegal drug epidemic. Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery called in with his views.



Marc Emery Excerpt

Complete Recording
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