Apr 222012

Ontario’s MPPs may have differing party colours but, for attendees to Freedom Party’s first dinner of 2012, one thing is perfectly clear: all of those MPPs are Red. Freedom Party filled the Starlight room on the top floor of Toronto’s Primrose Hotel last night where attendees heard speeches by the party brass and applauded as distinguished supporters of the party were given awards in recognition of their efforts. Continue reading »

Dec 052011

updates-blog-entryThrough a perverse “fixed markup system”, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario increases its revenues by asking liquor producers to charge the LCBO more. So writes Ontario’s Auditor General in his annual report, released today (see section 3.08, beginning at page 186).

According to the AG, when the LCBO decides to stock a new product, it puts out a “needs letter” to suppliers. For each type of product, the needs letter tells suppliers the range of prices at which the LCBO would like to sell the product. That price is not based upon supply and demand. It is based on pure whim (which might explain, at least in part, why the Lagavulin I used to be able to buy for forty some odd dollars now costs well over $100 per bottle, only a few years later). Don’t stop reading: it gets worse. Much worse. Continue reading »

Nov 142011

updates-blog-entryDear Freedom Party Members and Supporters:

Re: Congratulations to Tim Hodges

At the November 13, 2011 meeting of the Freedom Party of Ontario Provincial Executive, FPO Provincial Councillor Tim Hodges was elected to the Provincial Executive, and now serves as an Officer of the party. As such, he becomes a guardian, as it were, of the party’s guiding principles and policies. Congratulations, and thank-you, Tim!

To all members and supporters, I will just add: we are all very lucky to have Tim. Be sure to send him your best wishes and congratulations.


Paul McKeever, B.Sc.(Hons), M.A., LL.B.
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Aug 092011

updates-blog-entryAugust 9, 2011 – The St. Thomas Times-Journal (SunMedia/Canoe) today ran a big story today about Freedom Party of Ontario’s stand on making wine and beer sales legal in convenience/variety stores and grocery stores. The Liberals, NDP, and PCs are not in favour, but 60% of the Ontario public is. The story also features responses from the LCBO and the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Click here to read the article. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and acquaintances. And be sure to send a brief (3 to 5 sentence) letter to the Editor, expressing your views about the story, and the issue. You can submit your letter to the editor of the St. Thomas Time-Journal here. Continue reading »