Jul 311987

Openers: Freeing the Slaves. Sunday Closing Laws: Metz and Emery testify to Select Committee on Retail Store Hours; Magder Dinner a Success; Emery to Go to Court August 20 for Sunday Opening Charges; Freedom Party Blasts Toronto City Hall Inquiry Into Sunday Opening Laws. Taxes & Business: BIA Campaigns Draw Government Backlash; Bronte BIA in Trouble After Pamplet Barrage; Bronte Needs BIA; BIA Misrepresents Case; BIA on the Ropes; Mississauga, Toronto, Georgetown, Hamilton, Burlington, and Sarnia Actions; Letters: BIA Backlash; Hamilton City Council Votes Unanimously to As Ontario Government to Ban Freedom Party’s BIA Package and Recommends “Spreading False News” Criminal Charges Against Freedom Party; Newspaper coverage. Meet Bill Frampton. Regulation (Bill 154): Pay Equity Legislation Condemned by Freedom Party at Committee Hearings; Transcript of Questions Asked of Freedom Party by the Committee. Continue reading »