Jun 022012

Freedom Party of Ontario


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Sunday Marks 20th Anniversary of Sunday Shopping in Ontario

Freedom Party of Ontario releases online historical archive of the 85 year ban

June 2, 2012 Toronto – Tomorrow, Sunday June 3, 2012, marks the twentieth anniversary of the defeat of the 85 year ban on Sunday shopping. Twenty years ago tomorrow, then-Premier Bob Rae announced that the ban was being repealed, effective immediately. Continue reading »

Sep 072011

During the 2011 election, Freedom Party of Ontario released its election platform one plank at a time, beginning October 12, 2010 (Affordable Electricity). The 18th and final plank (Separating Public Schools and Organized Religious Practice) was released on August 2, 2011. Each plank was announced with a media release, and each plank release was accompanied by the release of a pre-election commercial that was viewable only on the web. Each plank release was also accompanied by an audio recording, available only on the web, of Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever reading the plank for the voter’s convenience. Freedom Party maintained a 2011 Election Platform web page. As each plank was released, a link to the plank was added to the Platform page. On September 7, 2011 – the day that the election writ was dropped for the 2011 Ontario provincial election – Freedom Party released its 2011 election platform as the world’s first-ever election platform audiobook.

HTML (web) version: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/elections/2011/platform/2011electionplanks.htm
AUDIOBOOK version: https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/elections/2011/platform/2011-09-07.fpo-2011-platform-audiobook.m4b

Sep 072011


Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever reads Freedom Party of Ontario’s 2011 election platform in its entirety. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first election platform ever released by anyone in audiobook format.

This audiobook places each plank in a separate chapter, for ease of navigation. Compatible with Apple iTunes, iPhone/iPod/iPad, and other smart phones/tablets. Continue reading »

Apr 222011


This video was released to promote the party’s 2011 election plank: End Forced Religious Observance: Choice in Shopping .

Transcript: “Ontarians celebrate hundreds of religious holy days every year. But, in 1975, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives passed a special law that has fined and imprisoned retailers who have opened their stores on Christian holy days. A Freedom government will scrap the Conservatives’ shopping ban. You will no longer be forced to observe any religious holy days. An Ontario that doesn’t play favourites. Freedom Party.” Continue reading »

Apr 222011

“In 1975, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives introduced legislation that fined some retailers, and sent others to jail, for opening their stores on Christian holy days such as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The law remains in force to this day. A 2011 election plank released today by Freedom Party of Ontario calls for the elimination of forced religious observance…” Click here to read the full media release.

Oct 012009

No tax for Pan Am campaign launched; Spinter group campaigns to halt Pan Am; anti-idling by-laws an admitted fraud; politicians divided over anti-idling bylaw; council toughens anti-idling bylaw; Marc Emery headed for American prison; ‘Canada owes me’, Emery says; ‘Hometown’ London radio talk show personalities on Marc Emery; Is Marc Emery’s political career up in smoke?; letters; St. Paul’s by-election: repeal forced retail closings; appeal process now only hope, Magder says (1992); McKeever rejects support for all channels; MPs seek support for A Channel. Continue reading »

Jan 011999


Statement of Principle; Where We Stand!: Official Platform – Freedom Party of Ontario – Members Draft – December, 1998; Policy and Platform: Freedom; Aboriginal Issues; Abortion; Academic Freedom; Affirmative Action; Auto Insurance; Balanced Budgets; Business; Calgary Framework; Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC); Censorship; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Children & Child Care; Constitution; Crown Corporations; Culture; Democracy; Discrimination; Drug Laws; Education; Electoral Reform; Environment; Freedom of Choice; Freedom of Speech; Freedom Party; Free Enterprise; Free Markets; Free Trade; Fundamental Freedoms; Government; Gun Control; Health Care; Health Tax; Housing; Human Rights Commission (Ontario); Individual Rights; Insurance; Interest Rates; Jobs; Justice; Law; Lobby Groups; Majority Rule; Marijuana; Market Value Assessment; Medicare; MPP Salaries & Pensions; Multiculturalism; Official Bilingualism; OHIP; Ontario Hydro; Politics; Political Correctness; Pollution; Poverty; Principles; Property Rights; Property Taxes; Protectionism; Public Transit; Quebec; Racism; Referendums; Rent Controls; Self Defence; Socialism; Sunday Shopping; Taxation; Unemployment; Unions; Universality; Wealth; Welfare; Workers’ Compensation; Workfare.
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Dec 151996

1996-xx-xx.fp-logo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

In this recording, Freedom Party member and former Ontario Vice-president Lloyd Walker calls Jim Chapman, host of “Talk of the Town”, and convinces Chapman that there should be no ban on opening one’s retail store on Boxing Day. On December 16, 1996, Ontario’s legislature passed an amendment to Ontario’s Retail Business Holidays Act which removed Boxing Day from the list of days on which the opening of most retail stores is prohibited). The ban on retail shopping on Boxing Day took effect on December 19, 1996.

Whole Recording:
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Dec 011991

Freedom Party Launches Campaign For Freedom Of Choice In Education; Fp Targets Union Election Tactics; Protection of Rights Key To Constitutional Success, Says Frampton; Freedom Party Advocates Phasing Out Rent Control In Ontario; Bad Intentions Behind Bill 121, Says Metz; Socialism Under Fire; Freedom Party Joins Tax Coalition Battle; Freedom Party Sunday Shopping Views Clash With All-Party Committee; Government Pulls Plug On Private Daycare – Metz Warns Daycare Operators of NDP Agenda; The Gulf War: Protesters Backing A Bully, Says Robert Metz in Newspaper Editorial; Year-End Re-cap, and more…! Continue reading »