Dec 051994

On December 3, 1994, Freedom Party of Ontario held a dinner in London at which former police officer come free speech/justice activist Gordon Domm was a guest speaker. Two days later, the London Free Press published this report, which made reference to Freedom Party’s dinner event. Continue reading »

Dec 031994

1994-12-03.gordon-dommVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On December 3, 1994, Freedom Party held a dinner featuring speaker Gordon Domm: a retired OPP officer who had violated the publication ban that had been imposed on the Karla Homolka sex slayings case. This video includes that dinner, but also includes a summary of the events that preceded and followed the dinner. The summary of events – without the dinner footage – was produced by Paul McKeever. Titled “Helpless Homolka”, it is available on McKeever’s youtube channel (it runs approximately 10 minutes):

Watch, and see how radical leftist, feminist ideology was used to characterize Karla Homolka’s criminal activities as the act of a helpless victim of battered wife’s syndrome. Learn how a publication ban helped cover-up radical feminist attorney general Marion Boyd’s so-called “deal with the devil” until after the election of 1995. Continue reading »

Dec 011994

1996-xx-xx.fp-logo-media-release-thumbOn December 1, 1994, Freedom Party of Ontario notified the media that former police officer Gordon Domm and journalist David Helwig would be guest speakers at the party’s December 3, 1994 dinner in London, Ontario.






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Document: Media Release
Document Dated: December 1, 1994
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Author: Robert Metz
Document Type: Letter
Number of Pages: 1
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Color/BW: Full colour

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Dec 011994

His Party’s Over. Ours Is Just Beginning…Human Rights Commission upset when Board of Inquiry finds no evidence to support racism complaint against London landlord; Vaughan elected to London school board; Diane Francis spotlights Freedom Party’s ‘Dutch clock auction’ approach to cutting welfare costs; Gordon Domm addresses FP audience, refuses to end battle over Homolka trial ban; Jack Plant – Taking the Lead; Breaking the mindset of more government as a solution to social problems; and more Freedom Briefs! Continue reading »