Jan 192001

2001-01-19.mckeever-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On January 19, 2001, Paul McKeever (Freedom Party of Ontario) was a guest of Rhonda London Live. In this episode, McKeever discussed with host Rhonda London a report about a 16-year old student who spent 30 days in jail for having written a story – titled “Twisted” – as a class project. The story is about a tormented teen plans to blow up his school. The real-life teen author (who had experienced bullying in a school in Cornwall, Ontario) was charged with uttering death threats. Punished for fiction? Can we predict violence in schools? Also guests in this episode: Steward Auty (President, Canadian Safe School Network) and Rose Dyson (author of “Mind Abuse”). Continue reading »

Jan 012001

“True Rights are Freedoms, not Powers” by Edward W. Younkins
“Conservative Gridlock (An Open Letter to Tom Long)” by Joe Armstrong
“Anti-“Hate” Legislation: A Threat to Academic Freedom” by Kenneth Hilborn
” ‘Human Rights’: The new euphemism for coercive State Socialism” by Dick Field
“Please Rise and Sing” by Tyler Chilcott Continue reading »