Nov 161990

1990-11-16.second-democracy-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On November 16, 1990, Freedom Party of Ontario held a dinner at what was then the Downtown Toronto Holiday. The dinner featured Professor William H. Peterson (Lundy Chair of Philosophy of Business, Campbell University, North Carolina), who gave a speech on “Canada’s Second Democracy” (the free market). Prior to his speech, Master of Ceremonies Bill Frampton gave Freedom Party’s toast to Freedom and introduced then-Freedom Party leader Robert Metz, who presented a number of Freedom 200 pins and gave a speech concerning the Ontario election of September 6, 1990 and the nature of voters. Metz then introduced Professor Peterson. After Professor Peterson’s speech, then-Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery gave an unscheduled speech in which he condemned electoral participation and advocacy, and suggested that civil disobedience is the only effective way to achieve what he called “social change”. The speeches were followed by an informal question and answer session. Emery’s speech, and his answers at the question and answer session, marked the end of his association with the Freedom Party of Ontario, and his temporary discontinuance of involvement in electoral politics.

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