Aug 251990

1990-08-25.election-90.thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On August 25, 1990, Freedom Party held a dinner at the Western Fairgrounds in London, Ontario in anticipation of the September 6, 1990 Ontario provincial general election. Freedom Party’s Jack Plant (who would become the party’s leader in 1994) MC’d the event. Some of Freedom Party’s 1990 election candidates gave speeches at the event, including: Jack Plant, Lloyd Walker, Barry Malcolm, Bill Frampton, Joe Byway, Ray Monteith, David Pengelly, and Chris Balabanian. Thereafter, Marc Emery (Freedom Party’s Action Director), Robert Metz (Freedom Party’s then-leader, and candidate), and Mary Lou Gutscher (Freedom Party) gave speeches in support of the party, its members, its candidates, and its vision. Continue reading »