Sep 301995

1995-09-30.armstrong-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On September 30, 1995, Freedom Party of Ontario held a dinner featuring, as its guest speaker, Joe Armstrong, author of “Farewell the Peaceful Kingdom). In his talk, given just weeks before the Quebec referendum on secession, he asserted that “Canada is not breaking up: it’s breaking down”. In particular, he argued, identifying oneself as a member of an allegedly victimized collective has become an all-too-common and growing means for the seizing of wealth and power…and the government is playing along. Continue reading »

Sep 281995

1996-xx-xx.fp-logo-media-release-thumbOn September 28, 1995, Freedom Party of Ontario notified the media that, at its September 30, 1995 dinner, Freedom Party of Ontario’s guest speaker would be author Joe C.W. Armstrong, who would speak on the subject of “Racism Rampant in a Victim Culture”. Click here to read the release.





Document Details:

Document: Media Release
Document Dated: September 28, 1995
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Author: Robert Metz
Document Type: Media Release
Number of Pages: 2
Page dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
Color/BW: Full colour

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Sep 071995

Two-page hardcopy letter from Robert Metz to members and supporters of Freedom Party of Ontario, inviting them to Freedom Party’s September 30, 1995 dinner, featuring guest speaker Joe C.W. Armstrong, who would speak on the topic of “Racism Rampant in a Victim Culture”. Mailed to members and supporters via Canada Post. Enclosures include: promotional poster (8.5″x11″) and a response form. Continue reading »

Sep 011995

“Body of Knowledge” by Cathy Frampton
“Drawing the Line: Property Rights and the Aboriginal Question” by Robert Metz
“In Defence of Discomfort” by Doreen Kimura
“Multiculturalism Undermines Values” by Dick Field
“Cannadabis: A History of Cannabis Prohibition in Canada” by Dana Larsen & Marc Emery
“The Second Carrot” by Murray Hopper Continue reading »