Jan 112003

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On or about January 11, 2003, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever wrote an article to explain to FP’s members and supporters that many changes had happened to the organization, appearance, purpose and strategy of party. Most of the changes had happened since mid-2001 (when Paul McKeever and Robert Metz founded Freedom Party of Canada to advocate for freedom federally), and since McKeever had assumed the party leadership (in April of 2002). There was so much change that McKeever felt it important to summarize it for the membership.

This document was discovered in McKeever’s personal records on June 7, 2015. It does not appear ever to have been published or made public prior to that time, but it does explain in significant detail a number of major changes that were occurring to the party, and why. Continue reading »

Jul 301984

In the summer of 1984, Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery wrote a letter to the editor of the London Free Press opposing taxpayer funding for London, Ontario’s City council’s bid for the 1991 Pan Am Games. It was so heavily edited by the paper, that Emery decided to print 20,000 copies of a letter. With Freedom Party co-ordinating 15 volunteers, the letter was delivered door-to-door to Londoners. It would mark the beginning of a Freedom Party campaign that, in June of 1985, met with success.

Freedom Party kept track of responses to the letter and put together a list of main talking points for use during interviews or call-ins to talk radio programs about the subject.
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