Jun 072016

2016-06-07.carbon-copies-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

A compelling video showing the startling degree to which Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are “Carbon Copies” of Ontario’s Liberals, especially with respect to their theme (“choose change”), their commitment to “fighting” climate change, and their support for carbon taxes and cap-and-trade schemes. Continue reading »

Nov 242013

2013-11-24.through-lensVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

Paul McKeever’s video history of Freedom Party of Ontario covers the period starting with the founding of Freedom Party in 1984 until the day following the August 1, 2013 by-election in the Ontario provincial riding of London West. It is told from the perspective of the media: this is Freedom Party, as the public has seen it on television since the party’s founding. McKeever’s video history was first shown on at Freedom Party of Ontario’s November 23, 2013 “The Price of Power” dinner in London, Ontario. This version, released on Freedom Party’s YouTube channel the following day, was a slightly different edit, intended for those who did not attend the dinner. Continue reading »