Sep 272011

If elected, a Freedom government will end Ontario’s 18-year
limitation on the number of physicians; students encouraged to write MCAT

September 27, 2011 Toronto – University students or graduates may find their chances of being accepted to medical school doubling, starting with admissions to the 2013 first year class. That is just one of the implications of Freedom Party’s proposal to restore to Ontarians the health care choices they had before 1969, when the Progressive Conservatives banned private payment options and established a government health care monopoly. Continue reading »

Sep 262011

Blogger’s “Sexiest Election Candidate” poll has Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever facing off against Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty

September 26, 2011 Toronto – Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever will face off against Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty in blogger Zach Bussey’s “Sexiest Election Candidate” poll. By 12:01 AM on September 26, voters had preferred McKeever over former Sault Ste. Marie Liberal MPP David Orazietti, leaving McKeever and McGuinty as one of four pairs of men left competing in round 3 of the entertaining online poll. Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak lost to Liberal Energy Minister Brad Duguid in round 1. Duguid lost to Liberal Karl Walsh in Round 2. Continue reading »

Sep 252011

If voters elect a Freedom government on October 6, 2011
organized prayer services will not resume in November

September 25, 2011 Toronto – Freedom Party leader Paul announced that, if a Freedom government is elected on October 6, 2011, the planned November resumption of Islamic prayer services at Toronto’s Valley Park Middle School will be canceled. Freedom Party’s 2011 election plank promises to separate organized religious practice from Ontario’s secular public school system. Continue reading »

Sep 202011


On September 20, 2011, during Ontario’s provincial general election, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever was a guest of Byline (hosted by Brian Lilley on Sun TV). The appearance was prompted by September 15th and 16th comments by Lilley that Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives are indistinguishable from Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals, and that there exists no viable alternative for “fiscal conservatives”. Viewers e-mailed Lilley to let him know he was wrong: for those looking for better governance in Ontario, there’s Freedom Party.

Lilley and McKeever discussed four of Freedom Party’s 18 election planks: 1. Separating Organized Religious Practice and Public Schools, 2. Allowing Beer and Wine to be purchased in Grocery and Convenience Stores, 3. Eliminating Ontario’s 14.7 cent per litre gasoline tax, and 4. Eliminating the beer tax (which will save beer purchasers as much as $5.76 per box of 24 beer). Continue reading »

Sep 202011

As set out in Freedom Party of Ontario’s 2011 election platform, a Freedom government will eliminate the beer tax, the wine tax, the gasoline tax, and the health premium. One of Freedom Party’s candidates has been knocking on doors, campaigning, and asked me the following:

Have you ever been asked something to the effect: “Sounds great that FP is going to cut all these taxes, but what services are you correspondingly going to slash? What’s your hidden agenda?”

How would you address that?

Secondly, any general advice (other than stick to the planks) when it comes to doing interviews with media etc? What to avoid, emphasize, etc.?

I’ve had some amazingly positive responses from people re: FP. Even the partisan PC guy cleaning his gun was keen and interested in FP.

I replied as follows: Continue reading »

Sep 182011

“Freedom Party leader and No Tax for Pan Am Spokesperson Paul McKeever is condemning PC Leader Tim Hudak for his too-little-too-late open letter of September 18, 2011 to Dalton McGuinty concerning cost over-runs in Toronto’s hosting of the 2015 Pan Am Games. Freedom Party formed a No Tax for Pan Am Games committee on August 24, 2009 to oppose taxpayer funding for Toronto’s bid to host the games, and has continued to oppose and document cost over-runs on its web site. Until today, Hudak and the PCs have been utterly silent, and have offered up no defence of the taxpayer with respect to the 2015 Pan Am Games…” Click here to read the full media release.

Sep 152011

“Nominations closed at 2 PM today in Ontario’s provincial election and, for the first time, the Freedom Party of Ontario is running candidates in enough ridings to form a majority government. Ontario has 107 ridings. Fifty-four (54) MPPs are required to form a majority government. Freedom Party has nominated candidates in at least 56 ridings. Freedom Party is running candidates in all 24 Toronto ridings, giving it a full slate in the province’s most vote-rich region…”. Click here to read the full media release.