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Hudak PCs on Pan Am Games: Negligent, Hypocritical

Freedom Party condemns Tim Hudak's open letter to Dalton McGuinty

September 18, 2011 Toronto
- Freedom Party leader and No Tax for Pan Am Spokesperson Paul McKeever is condemning PC Leader Tim Hudak for his too-little-too-late open letter of September 18, 2011 to Dalton McGuinty concerning cost over-runs in Toronto's hosting of the 2015 Pan Am Games. Freedom Party formed a No Tax for Pan Am Games committee on August 24, 2009 to oppose taxpayer funding for Toronto's bid to host the games, and has continued to oppose and document cost over-runs on its notaxforpanam.com web site.  Until today, Hudak and the PCs have been utterly silent, and have offered up no defence of the taxpayer with respect to the 2015 Pan Am Games.

In the summer of 2009, McKeever and the committee managed to spark opposition to taxpayer funding for the games both in print and radio media.  Noticeably silent throughout was any opposition by Her Majesty's loyal opposition, the Tim Hudak PCs.  Freedom Party has, in the past, condemned Tim Hudak's neglect on the Pan Am file, arguing that the PCs dropped the ball when strong opposition was needed to the Liberal government's agreement to make taxpayers the guarantor for cost over-runs of the Toronto games.  McKeever has predicted that the original $1.7B estimate for the games will result in a bill as high has $11.6B, based upon the size of over-runs from other international games events, such as the 2010 Olympics.

"I have one question for Tim Hudak and the PCs", says an outraged McKeever "Where the heck have you been?  At every key point in this scandalous Liberal plan to soak the taxpayer, the Hudak PCs have utterly dropped the ball and remained silent.  Until today - almost two years after Toronto won the bid - Tim Hudak has been silently sitting and sleeping on the bench while the Liberal government has continued to allow the taxpayer to be body-slammed with cost over-runs.  Now, falling behind in the polls, Hudak suddenly wakes up and thinks he sees an election issue.  Well, it is an election issue - a big one - but Hudak's PCs, by their neglect, actually have been co-conspirators in the Liberal Pan-Am Panhandling Scam.  An after-the-fact letter from Mr. Hudak, complaining now about long foreseeable cost overruns is, in this case, worse than hypocritical.

"Mr. Hudak, in his letter, state that 'Warning signs of problems came earlier this month..."  Earlier this month?  The signs were all over this project since well before Toronto won the bid, years ago.  If Mr. Hudak has failed to see where this was all going until just last month, the Ontario voter should be very concerned that Mr. Hudak lacks sufficient knowledge and foresight to make long term decisions regarding the future fiscal health of this province.

"This growing Pan Am scandal is proof positive that it is time to show the McGuinty Liberals the exit door.  However, the gross fiscal negligence of the Hudak PCs, in failing to oppose taxpayer funding for the Toronto bid, renders the Hudak PCs unfit to be the chosen replacement."

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