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Ontario Needs a 2015 Pan Am Games Lotto Now

Freedom Party calls for new lotto dedicated to covering cost overruns

February 10, 2011 Toronto - Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever called for the creation in Ontario of a new 2015 Pan AM Games Lotto to cover the cost overruns that are already starting to pile up more than four years prior to the games. McKeever made the call on this morning's John Oakley Show (AM640, Toronto - audio here).

"Pan Am panhandling: it's got to stop", said McKeever. Discussing the recently announced $23M surprise extra cost of cleaning up the Morningside landfill, where a new Pan Am aquatic centre is to be built, McKeever explained "the actual cost to repair that land is not, you know, $24M, but $52M and it's the Ontario taxpayer that's on the hook for the balance." To secure the hosting of the 2015 games, the Province of Ontario agreed to be the guarantor, leaving Ontario taxpayers holding the bag for all cost overruns. The budget for the Toronto bid is $1.4B. McKeever has estimated, based on cost overruns of the Vancouver Olympics, that the total cost of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games could tip the scales at as much as $11.6B.

To cover those and future overruns, McKeever announced "I'm proposing - Freedom Party's proposing - that the province institute a new lottery - a Pan Am lottery...".

For further details, contact:

Paul McKeever, Leader - Freedom Party of Ontario

e-mail: pmckeever@freedomparty.on.ca

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