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It's Official: Freedom Government Possible for Ontario
Freedom Party Surpasses 54 Candidate Threshold; Full Slate in Toronto

September 15, 2011 Toronto - Nominations closed at 2 PM today in Ontario's provincial election and, for the first time, the Freedom Party of Ontario is running candidates in enough ridings to form a majority government.  Ontario has 107 ridings.  Fifty-four (54) MPPs are required to form a majority government.  Freedom Party has nominated candidates in at least 56 ridings.  Freedom Party is running candidates in all 24 Toronto ridings, giving it a full slate in the province's most vote-rich region.

"Today marks the beginning of a new era for Ontario voters" says Freedom Party leader, Paul McKeever.  "Ontario voters can now vote for Freedom candidates with the full confidence that Freedom Party is one of the five parties capable of forming a majority government in Ontario.

"The implications are huge.  The alternative to Ontario's red Liberals is no longer Ontario's blue Liberals, the disappointing Hudak Progressive Conservatives.  Now, a real alternative to Dalton McGuinty's style of governance is within the grasp of the voter. 

"Voters who want to be able to buy wine or beer in convenience or grocery stores now need only vote for their Freedom candidate to make it a reality.  By voting for their Freedom candidate, Ontario voters can now vote for fair auto insurance; for one hundred and twenty (120) km/h speed limits on Ontario's 400-series highways; for the elimination of the health premium, the gasoline tax, and the hidden beer and wine taxes; and for electricity policies that make low prices the priority, instead of fighting climate change at taxpayer expense with expensive wind turbines, solar panels, and nuclear stations.  For the first time since 1990, Ontario can vote to eliminate the Liberal/PC/NDP government limit on medical school enrolments and to make doctor shortages a thing of the past. 

"So far, this election has lacked any particular defining issue.  Now, with Freedom Party in a position to form the next government, Freedom Party's refreshing ideas become tangible possibilities for Ontario, and the stuff of serious election discussion."

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Paul McKeever, Leader - Freedom Party of Ontario
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