Sep 092021

I recently penned a Freedom Party of Ontario position paper that called for government to ban store owners and others from denying service to people who have not been “vaccinated” against Covid-19 (or against those who have). Three proponents of individual freedom wrote e-mails in response. Each rejected both my conclusion and my rationale. Their counter-arguments, in each case, were to the effect that a ban would violate an individual’s rights and improperly increase the scope of government power. I will here assert that, to the contrary, those writers hold a view of “rights” and government that improperly perverts the purpose of “rights” and of government, and that facilitates the use of law to defeat capitalism and promote fascism. Continue reading »

Aug 032021

On July 27, 2021, I published on the Freedom Party of Ontario’s website a position paper concerning decisions by some providers of goods or service to deny service to those who have not received a Covid injection, or to those who have had one (see For reasons there explained, I asserted that governments must ban the practice. In what follows, I deal with one of the more common and faulty or disgusting responses I received to that article. Continue reading »

Jul 272021

SUMMARY: Some restaurateurs, gyms and others have begun posting signs saying that they will deny service to those who have had a Covid-19 injection, or saying that they will deny service to those who have not had a Covid-19 injection. Such discrimination pigeon-holes every individual, segregates society into two collectives, de-individualizes and dehumanizes everyone, and undermines the consent-based human mode of social interaction. Free market forces cannot and will not restore a society in which every adult is dealt with as a unique, thinking, choosing, individual. A serious consideration of philosophy and the nature of human beings makes it clear that government must intervene to stop businesses and others from denying service to – or otherwise discriminating against – individuals based upon whether or not they have had a Covid-19 injection. The time for the Ford government of Ontario – and for all other governments – to ban such discriminatory practices is now.

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