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On November 25, 2021, Freedom Party president Robert Metz hosted an episode of the radio show “Just Right” that focused on the persistently pursued, failed, and futile political strategies to which well-intentioned advocates of freedom continually succumb. Just Right described the episode as follows:

As advocates of individualism and individual freedom, during the 2021 Canadian federal election we endorsed the People’s Party of Canada under the leadership of Maxime Bernier. Now, with the June 2, 2022 provincial election pending in the province of Ontario, our endorsement goes to the Freedom Party of Ontario under the leadership of Paul McKeever.

Why Freedom Party? To answer that question in a way rarely understood or appreciated, Paul McKeever joins us to discuss many of the persistently pursued, failed, and futile political strategies to which well-intentioned advocates of freedom continually succumb.

For those anxious or desperate to escape a given tyranny of the day, the idea of supporting a new and original political option is immediately dismissed.

Instead, this group is focused on ‘voting against’ the party in power and will generally choose to vote for any other party that appears to have a chance of winning an election. The fact that all of the parties in this electoral position are the same – ideologically and politically – merely offers an option of replacing one tyrant with another.

Whether Progressive Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat, Green, or Libertarian, all of these parties are driven by ideologies of the Left, the political polarity that represents conditions of tyranny.

Now, with Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party having visibly and undeniably embraced fascism, ousted members of that party have been forced to sit as independents, with two new parties – the Blue Party and the Ontario First Party – having been added to the roster of political options for Ontario ‘conservatives.’

But who speaks for those who value freedom? As Paul McKeever warns: “one must identify the advocate of freedom – not just the opponent of tyranny.”

Winning elections by trading one tyrant for another may be a ‘winning electoral strategy’ but victories of that nature eventually negate the need for having elections in the first place. After all, every ‘victory’ is just another step towards tyranny.

Resisting tyranny, while necessary, is not enough to defeat it. Our focus must be turned towards the ‘eternal vigilance’ required to endlessly fight ‘for’ freedom, for only in this way can we ever hope to achieve it. In so doing, tyranny simply ceases to exist and no longer needs to be resisted or fought.

Freedom is tyranny’s only antidote. And as the only political party in Ontario that has always put freedom first, Freedom Party is also the only party that is Just Right for Ontario.

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