Feb 101984

1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

On February 9, 1984, a federal commission on pornography and prostitution held hearings in London. Marc Emery and Robert Metz attended and each gave testimony. The following day, “The Wayne McLean Talk Show” host Wayne Mclean discussed the commission and pornography. Featured guests were John Bowles, Gail Hutchinson, and Marc Emery. Liberal MPP (later Ontario Premier) David Peterson is interviewed. Robert Metz called-in later in the broadcast to clear up some of the mistaken impressions that other callers had about his and Marc’s testimony at the commission.


Excerpts (McLean, Hutchinson and Emery, Metz):
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Feb 091984

1984-04-xx.metz-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

In the early 1980s, members of a radical feminist group called the London Status of Women Action Group sent out a letter to London businesses falsely claiming that child pornography was being sold at stores in London. When a federal commission on pornography and prostitution (the Fraser Committee) held a hearing in London, Ontario on February 9, 1984, Freedom Party president Robert Metz and Freedom Party action director Marc Emery testified. Emery offered $500 to anyone who could find child pornography being sold in a London store. Nobody ever claimed the money. The “child porn” false allegation was being used in an effort to censor adult erotica magazines. Continue reading »

Feb 061984

1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

It’s early February of 1984, and everyone’s talking about pornography and censorship in Canada. Federally, the Fraser Committee on pornography is holding cross-Canada hearings. On this particular date – estimated to be February 6, 1984 – the Chair of the Ontario Board of Censors, Mary Brown, is the guest of Wayne McLean’s talk radio program on Radio 98, in London, Ontario. She fields calls from the show’s listeners, including Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery and Freedom Party president Robert Metz. Both take on Brown over censorship.


Excerpt (Marc Emery):

Excerpt (Robert Metz):

Whole Recording:
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