Dec 272021

On December 27, 2021, “Just Right” host Robert Vaughan interviewed Freedom Party of Ontario’s leader, Paul McKeever via ZOOM. The two discussed Ontario’s health care system, its impact on the government’s response to the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, and the suddenly emerging Progressive Conservative splitter parties attempting to get registered for the June 2022 Ontario provincial election. You will find Just Right’s description of the discussion below the video.

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Nov 222016

2016-11-22-essexVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On October 29, 2016, Freedom Party held a dinner in London, Ontario at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn. The theme of the dinner: Embracing Climate Change. The dinner’s MC, Robert Vaughan, recognized certain honoured guests (including former party leader Lloyd Walker, and authors Dave Plum and Scott Williams-Oakes), and recognized the recent passings of Ray Monteith (FPO candidate and supporter), Wayne Forbes (FPO candidate and supporter), and Jack Plant (former party leader). FPO party leader Paul McKeever then presented Dr. Christopher Essex (the Guest Speaker of the dinner) with a Freedom 200 pins for his contribution to the party. Vaughan then gave the party’s traditional Toast to Freedom. Following the meal, McKeever gave a short speech about government’s role in defending every individual’s freedom to pursue his own happiness, and about Freedom Party’s application of that principle to the issue of climate change: a Freedom government will stop all governmental efforts to fight the climate, and will instead adapt to the effects of climate change, as needed and appropriate. Thereafter, Professor Essex gave a compelling speech explaining the importance of not allowing ethics and politics to influence the interpretation or collection of the hard data of natural science. Robert Vaughan then gave a humourous closing comment before attendees mingled.

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Jun 072016

2016-06-07.carbon-copies-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

A compelling video showing the startling degree to which Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are “Carbon Copies” of Ontario’s Liberals, especially with respect to their theme (“choose change”), their commitment to “fighting” climate change, and their support for carbon taxes and cap-and-trade schemes. Continue reading »

Feb 182015

2015-02-18.mansur-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On February 18, 2015, former Freedom Party of Ontario candidate Dr. Salim Mansur (professor of political science at Western University) appeared on CBC’s “Power and Politics”in his capacity of spokesperson for Muslims Facing Tomorrow (a pro-democracy, anti-theocratic group of Canadian Muslims) to discuss the federal government’s new anti-terrorism legislation. The other panelist was University of Ottawa law professor Amir Attaran.

Mansur’s position was that 14 years after 9/11, we still are unwilling to acknowledge the fact that the main terrorist threat in Canada is that posed by pro-Sharia, anti-democratic, Islamic theocrats. There will be problems balancing privacy and security in all legislation, but better action must be taken to identify those who have murdered Canadians, and who plan more of the same, argues Mansur.

Attaran condemns Mansur for singling out Islamic terrorism. He submits that Canada is safer than it has ever been and has done fairly well – in terms of the number of Islamic terrorist murders it has suffered, etc. – since 9/11. He argues that although the new legislation would not allow police to sexually assault or otherwise assault a suspect, it would allow them to threaten to do so. Attaran does not address how anyone would take such a threat seriously, if the law continues to prohibit following-through on such hollow threats. Continue reading »

Nov 152014

2014-11-15.pip-dinner-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On November 15, 2014, Freedom Party held a dinner in London, Ontario at the Best Western Lamplighter Inn. The theme of the dinner: Politics is Personal. After MC Robert Vaughan gave Freedom Party’s traditional toast to freedom, Robert Metz and Paul McKeever presented Clare Maloney (2014 FPO candidate in the riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London), Salim Mansur (2014 FPO candidate in the riding of London North Centre) and Liz Bendell (long-time Freedom Party member and supporter) with Freedom 200 pins for their service to the party. Metz followed the awards with a discussion about the importance of making a commitment to freedom through a commitment to Freedom Party. Next, Al Gretzky provided highlights from his experiences during and after the 2014 election. Salim Mansur discussed the fall of politics into the election of unqualified celebrities, and the importance of the sovereignty of the individual. FPO leader Paul McKeever explained how and why enemies of freedom attempt to make politics appear impersonal when actually, it is quite personal. Robert Vaughan then gave a closing comment before attendees mingled. Arnon Kaplansky unwittingly appears in the closing scene of the video.

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May 292014

2014-05-29.mckeeverVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On May 29, 2014, Anthony Furey (guest host of Ezra Levant’s “The Source” program on the Sun News Network) interviewed Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever re: the 2014 Ontario provincial general election and Freedom Party’s platform. Continue reading »

May 292014

2014-05-29.honor-diaries-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On May 29, 2014, Freedom Party of Ontario and the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow co-sponsored and hosted a screening of Honor Diaries at the Wolf Performance Hall in London, Ontario. Honor Diaries features nine courageous women’s rights advocates with connections to Muslim-majority societies who are engaged in a dialogue about individual freedom and gender inequality.

Andrew Lawton of the Andrew Lawton Show (AM 980, London) MC’d the event, and Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever gave a brief speech before the screening of the documentary began. Thereafter, Lawton led a Q and A session with a panel of distinguished guests including Raheel Raza (Author and President of Muslims Facing Tomorrow), Salim Mansur (Professor of Political Science at Western University, syndicated columnist, Vice-president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, and candidate for Freedom Party in the provincial riding of London North Centre), and Christine Williams (author, television show producer, International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem Canada, Gatestone International Policy Council, Canadian Race Relations Foundation).

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