Dec 272021

On December 27, 2021, “Just Right” host Robert Vaughan interviewed Freedom Party of Ontario’s leader, Paul McKeever via ZOOM. The two discussed Ontario’s health care system, its impact on the government’s response to the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, and the suddenly emerging Progressive Conservative splitter parties attempting to get registered for the June 2022 Ontario provincial election. You will find Just Right’s description of the discussion below the video.


With an Ontario election scheduled for June 2nd, 2022 there are a lot of parties vying for the vote. All but one of these parties are collectivist, catering to the whims and wishes of special interests and groups. Only one political party has ever been for individual freedom — The Freedom Party of Ontario.

Many Ontarians today may not have heard of the Freedom Party of Ontario and anyone familiar with their policies and platforms will know why. They are a unique party that believes that the purpose of government is to protect an individual’s right to their life, liberty, and property. Having such views it is no wonder that the Party and its Leader, Paul McKeever are ignored by the media despite decades of successfully battling socialism.

Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media (a member of Freedom Party since 1985) interviews Paul McKeever in a discussion about the policies of the Party, the socialist history of the governing Progressive Conservative Party under Premier Doug Ford, the rise of splitter vanity and social conservative parties such as the Ontario First Party of Randy Hillier and the New Blue Party led by Jim Karahalios, and the sorry state of Ontario society under decades of collectivist rule.

Just Right Media is endorsing the Freedom Party in the upcoming 2022 Ontario election. You can find out more about the Party here:


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Date: December 27, 2021
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