Jan 212021


On January 21, 2021, Freedom Party president Robert Metz hosted an episode of the radio show “Just Right” that focused on Ontario’ Progressive Conservative government and its Premier, Doug Ford. Just Right described the episode as follows:

It is utterly hypocritical for Ontario Premier Doug Ford to suggest that “There is no room for political ideology in our fight against COVID-19″ when his entire approach to the fraud has been ideological from the beginning.

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Dec 242020


On December 24, 2020, Freedom Party president Robert Metz hosted an episode of the radio show “Just Right” that focused on Ontario’ Progressive Conservative government and its Premier, Doug Ford. Just Right described the episode as follows:

“It is still beyond the average person’s ability to come to terms with what is truly happening in the world today. Even as they fall victim to them, mention the terms ‘Agenda 21’ or the ‘Great Reset,’ and most people still think that you’re talking about some kind of crazy conspiracy theory.

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Nov 262020


On November 26, 2020, Freedom Party president Robert Metz hosted an episode of the radio show “Just Right” that focused on Ontario’ Progressive Conservative government and its Premier, Doug Ford. Just Right described the episode as follows:

In the name of COVID-19, the Ontario government has been hard at work terrorizing its residents into a perpetual state of fear and compliance. Ontario Premier Doug Ford and his Progressive Conservative Party have made it clear that they are fascist to the core.

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May 252018


On May 22, 2018, the Craig Needles Show (radio AM980, London, Ontario) hosted a debate among the PC, Liberal, NDP, and Green Party candidates in the riding of London North Centre in advance of the June 7, 2018 Ontario provincial general election. FP leader Paul McKeever was not invited even though he was one of the candidates in the riding. Prior to the London North Centre debate, McKeever wrote to Needles, who said he’d call McKeever – after the debate – to set up an interview. The interview occurred on May 24, 2018.

One day later, Needles held a “Friday Round Table” discussion with a panel consisting of Cheryl Miller (who ran as the Ontario PC candidate in the riding of London Fanshawe in 2011), Conservative party staffer Nathan Caranci, and former PC candidate (in the 2013 London West by-election) Ali Chahbar. The three partisans weighed-in about who should be included in candidate debates during elections. Panelist Ali Chahbar – who McKeever had, during the London West by-election of 2013, questioned about Chahbar’s sympathies for the Liberal Party and Shariah law (Chahbar lost that election, arguably as a result; see Londoners alarmed by sudden emergence of info re: Ontario PC candidate, Ali Chahbar and McKeever debates Chahbar (in 2013) on Andy Oudman show) – asked his fellow Progressive Conservative panelists whether an exception should be made for a party’s leader, and he specifically mentioned FP leader Paul McKeever as an example (Chahbar, clearly, was aware that McKeever had been a guest of Needles’ show one day prior). Needles said that he was “quite comfortable” with his show’s decision to exclude candidates whose parties had not won at least 2% of the vote in the previous election because Elections Ontario uses 2% as the threshold (on a per-riding basis) for provincial funding (NOTE: FP had achieved over 2% in London North Centre in the 2014 election, but McKeever was excluded from the London North Centre debate nonetheless, rendering Needles’ excuse for excluding McKeever disingenuous or, at least, wilfully blind). The response from the all-PC panel: “NO!!”. Chahbar followed-up by saying (of course) that he agreed with their sentiment: FP’s candidate should not be permitted to participate in the on-air candidates’ debate. Caranci expressed his love for the fact that everyone on the panel was “shot out of a cannon today” to which the host says “yes, McKeever”, after having explained that he’d received a number of e-mails about McKeever’s exclusion from the debate.

The whole charade underscores the desperate measures to which Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are willing to conspire and resort to smears to prevent the emergence of Freedom Party as a party known to the public, and as a competitor to the Ontario PC party. We think they doth protest too much.


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Jul 272016


On July 27, 2016, Freedom Party of Ontario’s president and Chief Financial Officer, Robert Metz, testified at the London hearing of the Standing Committee on General Government in respect of Bill 201 (the Election Finances Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016). Among other things, the bill would place reduced limits on financial contributions to political parties, and provide larger parties (but not all parties) with a per-vote subsidy.

The Committee allowed Robert Metz only 10 minutes in which to make his oral submissions. Accordingly, this entry includes links both to Metz’s oral (i.e., spoken) submissions, and to the written submissions (complete with enclosures) that were provided to the Committee on behalf of Freedom Party of Ontario. FPO’s written submissions included four enclosures: two FPO issue papers (“Politics is Personal” [v. 2] and “About Freedom Party” [v. 2]), FPO’s “Multiply…or Divide?” pamphlet, and FPO’s “All About Ontario’s Political Tax Credits and Freedom Party” pamphlet.

Metz was responding to this version of the bill (Metz marked particularly important sections in bold): https://freedomparty.on.ca/archive/documents/2016/2016-07-27.bill-201-submissions-election-financing/BILL201-ElectionFinances-Statute Law Amendment Act.rtf Continue reading »

May 261995

1995-05-26.plant-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On May 26, 1995, Freedom Party of Ontario held a provincial election dinner at the Radisson hotel in London, Ontario. Freedom Party’s then-party leader, Jack Plant, gave his first speech to a Freedom Party gathering as party leader, and most of the party’s candidates took the opportunity to give a short, 2-minute speech to introduce themselves and share with attendees their stories of their experiences in the campaign. The night concluded with a short speech by the party secretary of the time, Robert Vaughan, who had been elected school trustee.
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May 081995

Two-page hardcopy letter from Robert Metz to members and supporters of Freedom Party of Ontario, inviting them to Freedom Party’s Ontario provincial general “Election ’95” dinner, featuring a speech by Freedom Party’s then-new leader, Jack Plant. Mailed to members and supporters via Canada Post. Enclosures include: a response form. Continue reading »