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Freedom Party of Ontario Endorses the Candidacy of
Dave McGruer in the Ottawa-Vanier Provincial By-election

November 7, 2016 Toronto Freedom Party of Ontario is pleased to confirm that it has endorsed the candidacy of Dave McGruer, in the current by-election in the riding of Ottawa-Vanier.

Dave McGruer was born in Montreal, where he completed a B.Ed. and M.A. at McGill University. He lectured for one year at Concordia and one year at McGill before he and his wife Carole moved to teaching in the Inuit village of Salluit, Quebec for four years. Since 1993 he has lived in Ottawa and has worked as a personal financial planner for a national firm. Since 1994 he has taught adult education interest courses on financial subjects. David and Carole have two daughters.

"Dave McGruer will be offering voters what they cannot find in the other parties" says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever. "At a time when the Liberals, PCs, NDP all are offering to continue the government's failing but expensive health care monopoly, Dave McGruer will be a voice for competition in the health care system that will bring down prices and improve service. While the other parties are all busy imposing carbon taxes and green energy schemes in an ineffective effort to control the climate, Dave McGruer will be a voice for affordable adaptation to the effects of climate change.

"Freedom Party's Dave McGruer will demand that the Ontario government do a better job in defending every Ontarian’s freedom to pursue his or her own happiness. From personal lifestyle choices to the pursuit of financial security, Dave McGruer is your best candidate in Ottawa-Vanier."

About Freedom Party

Freedom Party of Ontario has been a registered political party in Ontario since 1984. It is not affiliated or associated with other provincial parties of any name, and is not associated or affiliated with parties named "freedom party" in any other country.

Freedom Party of Ontario is in favour of government policy that is founded on physical evidence (not fear, fantasy, or uninformed speculation), that is logical (instead of whimsical), and that defends every individual's freedom to pursue his or her own happiness by rational means.

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