Mar 292011


On the John Oakley Show (AM640, Toronto) Paul McKeever, leader, Freedom Party of Ontario discusses Freedom Party’s proposal to close Ontario’s race-based public schools.

Listen to the entire conversation:

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Mar 102011


This video was released to promote the party’s 2011 election plank: Restore Fair Auto Insurance.

Transcript: “Ontario’s Liberals imposed no-fault auto insurance in 1990. The no-fault system has been a failure. No-fault has forced drivers to pay higher premiums for shrinking benefits. Most of us are afraid to make an insurance claim. A Freedom government will change the law. Your premiums will not increase when another driver is responsible for injuring you or damaging your vehicle. Restoring fairness in auto insurance. Freedom Party.” Continue reading »

Mar 102011

“As we drive to work this morning, many of us are wondering how we are going to pay our auto insurance bills. The evidence from Ontario and other jurisdictions is now clear: the no-fault system Ontario adopted in 1990 leads to skyrocketing premiums, and dwindling benefits. A 2011 election plank released today by Freedom Party of Ontario says a Freedom government would follow the lead of over a dozen other North American jurisdictions by ending Ontario’s failed experiment with no-fault auto insurance. A Freedom government would restore the pre-1990 full-tort system, under which an accident causes only the at-fault driver to suffer increased premiums…” Click here to read the full media release.

Mar 022011


This video was released to promote the party’s 2011 election plank: Eliminate Ontario’s Gasoline Tax.

Transcript: “Ontario’s gasoline tax was introduced by the Conservatives in 1925. Last year, Dalton McGuinty started charging H.S.T. on gasoline. He even taxed the tax. Two taxes is too much. A Freedom government will eliminate the old gasoline tax. That will reduce the price of gasoline by 16.6 cents per litre. Fill ‘er up, with Freedom Party.” Continue reading »