Jul 012015

FP dinner event: Politics Is Personal; ‘Freedom 200’ pins awarded; Politics Is Personal – Speaker Highlights: Robert Metz, Al Gretzky, Salim Mansur, Paul McKeever; 42 Freedom Party candidates total falls short of previous milestone; Ontario 2014 candidates; Campaign 2014 overview; Campaign 2018 preview; FPO invites you to become an FP candidate; Documents and definitions: constitution, policy, election plank, election platform; Dr. Yaron Brook on the morality of capitalism; Questions and answers with Dr. Yaron Brook; Speaker’s Event – Rituparna Basu on the disease killing Canadian health care; FP honours Honor Diaries; McKeever delivers cool response to Wynne’s budgetary snow job; Freedom moments and reflections; FP election signs: Breaking the colour barrier. Continue reading »