Aug 152002

Two-page hardcopy letter from Robert Metz to members and supporters of Freedom Party of Ontario, inviting them to Freedom Party’s September 21, 2002 Constituency Association Workshop in Belleville, Ontario. Mailed to members and supporters via Canada Post. Enclosures include: promotional poster (8.5″x11″) and a response form. Continue reading »

Aug 072002


Citing a statistic and suggesting that a Canadian preference for television over print makes Canadians shallow, guest Gil Warren adds that such a situation leads people to support Nazis and…the Freedom Party of Ontario. His assault on those who advocate individual freedom and personal responsibility continues, as he calls Objectivist Ayn Rand a “fascist”. Metz puts a rest to that slander in short order with a to-the-point demonstration of the fact that Rand, in fact, was opposed to virtually everything that Hitler and his Nazis advocated. Warren proceeds to speak in dictator-like terms of the dangers of “allowing” people to have choice in education.

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