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On December 2, 2021, Freedom Party president Robert Metz hosted an episode of the radio show “Just Right” that focused on the the pivotal influence of the voter’s beliefs and motivations on the electoral fortunes of a political party for individual freedom. Just Right described the episode as follows:

As Canada’s province of Ontario prepares for the June 2, 2022 election, many are attempting to ‘politically unite’ behind the single cause of ending the lockdowns and injection mandates. While opposing these measures is a noble objective, it is no path to political unity, power, or freedom.

As if to demonstrate this reality, already a ‘political split’ is occurring among ex-Progressive Conservative politicians and activists opposed to the state-imposed lockdowns and injection mandates. Ontario MPP Randy Hillier has announced his intention to form a provincial party to be called ‘Ontario First’ while Jim and Belinda Karahalios have registered their ‘New Blue Party of Ontario.’

But the real reason that solely opposing the lockdowns and mandates will not lead to electoral victory is not the fault of political parties or candidates, despite their differences and conflicts. The sad reality is that a majority of voters support the lockdowns and mandates – and are willing to sacrifice everyone’s freedom in the process.

For freedom-minded individualists, the reality that most of their fellow citizens do not value individual freedom is unthinkable. But the proof of this reality is the current state of tyranny brought about by the politicians and parties that were voted in by that majority.

As Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever explains, “Until a sufficient percentage of the voters ‘want’ freedom, no party ‘for’ freedom will succeed; it starts not with the party, but with the voter.”

Understandably, the urgency of our political crisis demands a political response. But in searching for a ‘quick electoral fix,’ we find ourselves forced to appeal to a public that prefers ‘security’ over freedom, utterly oblivious that these two values go hand-in-hand and cannot be separated.

In Ontario, the electorate has been utterly misinformed or kept uninformed by the very governments and politicians they voted for- and are expected to vote for again.

Most do not know the truth about the pandemic, about the injections, or about the political and corporate interests that have imposed this lockdown tyranny on everyone. Most voters do not know the difference between Left and Right, and do not know the proper definitions of words like ‘socialism’, ‘communism,’ or ‘fascism,’ all political variants of collectivism.

Most voters do not know about the history of their country or province, and cannot even sense the difference between freedom and tyranny.

Most voters do not comprehend the real science behind weather or climate patterns, nor do they have a basic fundamental understanding about germs and viruses. They are indifferent to economic considerations, do not understand the nature of government or know anything about how political parties are constituted, and don’t really understand what their elected politicians stand for – or will fall for.

Stupid voters, right? No, it’s not that they are stupid or incapable of knowing these things. It is a moral failing more than an intellectual one. Consciously or unconsciously, they ‘choose’ not to think, and therefore not to know.

Fortunately, there is a significant minority of Ontario voters who do understand and value individual freedom. In searching for a political alternative to support, they must come to accept that this is far from being Ontario’s First New Party Blues scenario, and it won’t be the last.

They must come to understand that only by supporting a political party that is ‘for’ freedom – and not just ‘against’ the current tyranny of a given day – can they ever hope to defeat tyranny in a way that is Just Right and not just illusionary.

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