Dec 011988


“Can We Survive “Democracy”?” – Part II: “Freedom Betrayed – The Inevitable Course of Majority-Rule” by Robert Metz and Marc Emery
“Who Owns the Surplus in Pension Plans” by Bruce A. Miller
“Free Trade or Not Free Trade, That is the Question” by Robert Metz
“Letting Canadians Decide: Free Trade and the People Factor” by Lloyd Walker
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Sep 011987

1997-09-xx.metz-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:

During the 1987 Ontario provincial general election, CFRB host Andy Barrie interviewed Freedom Party president Robert Metz and Judy Johnson (candidate in Etobicoke West), a representative of the then newly-formed Family Coalition Party.

Whole recording (commercials and news removed)
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Aug 181987


In August of 1987, Ontario’s election saw Global TV portraying Freedom Party of Ontario as a “fringe” party…a goal made easier by sandwiching a profile of the party between a profile of the communists, and a profile of the greens. The joke’s on Global though: although the report called Freedom Party’s election planks – including opposition to the Sunday shopping ban, censorship, and free trade – “not a quick ticket to Queens Park”, almost all of them have, long ago, come to pass. Continue reading »

Dec 011984

Openers: Democracy, Resignations & Appointments; “There’ll be no democracy for Freedoms” (newspaper coverage); “If you didn’t win one of these, you’re lucky” (newspaper coverage); Freedom (Party) on the Job Wins First Round at Eaton’s; Letters to the Editor re: Eaton’s; “Eaton’s workers reject union” (newspaper article); Freedom Party’s Opposition to Tax-financed Hosting of 1991 Games Produces Overwhelming Support; INSERT: “The London Citizens’ Guide to The Tax-Paid 1991 Pan-Am Games Bid”; “Pamphlet challenges Pan-Am Games bid” (newspaper coverage); Letter to the Editor (Robert Metz); “Aldermen concede city split on issue of Pan-Am Games” (newspaper article); “Speak up, supporters” (newspaper coverage); What is the Government Doing to Your Neighbourhood?; Get Involved (this means you!); University of Western Ontario Homecoming Party Not Held at Own ‘Home’; “Why London should review grant to UWO” (letter to editor – Marc Emery); Cartoon (Marc Emery and the Gatewood riots issue); Building Our Reputation: Community Involvement and Its Rewards; Prosperity as the Road to Freedom; Campaigning for Success (not for votes); A Sample Interview with FP Action Director; Wanted!; Our Record for 1984. Continue reading »