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During the 1987 Ontario provincial general election, CFRB host Andy Barrie interviewed Freedom Party president Robert Metz and Judy Johnson (candidate in Etobicoke West), a representative of the then newly-formed Family Coalition Party.

Whole recording (commercials and news removed)

The Family Coalition explains that it was formed because of what Johnson called “anti-family” legislation, including the opening of abortion clinics, protection given to homosexual lifestyle, taxpayer funding for abortion. She says that young people should be encouraged to embrace chastity, adding “condoms are not the answer”.

Thereafter, Metz is asked about smoking, abortion, and laws to enforce alleged morality, and says that abortion is a personal choice and not something to be legislated about. He explains that Freedom Party is known for opposing the ban on Sunday shopping and censorship, and for supporting free trade. Barrie asks Johnson about the Metz/Freedom Party stand on censorship and Sunday shopping: she supports censorship to prevent pornography which, she says, harms to the family, as does abortion (she says).

Thereafter, Barrie takes calls from listeners:

  1. The first caller asks Metz about liquor advertising on TV and radio.
  2. The next caller says that Johnson’s party is a “special interest” party that’s not going to be successful. Johnson responds that the Family Coalition is trying to promote Judeo-Christian values. When asked what her party would do in response to a pregnant single mother who cannot earn enough to support another child and so wants an abortion, Johnson suggests that the government give her money and let her stay home and look after her children. When Johnson makes it clear that all of society (i.e., the taxpayer) should pay for the woman to say home, Metz responds by asking Johnson “Aren’t you putting a burden on other families?”. Asked by Barrie if society should pick up the tab if Metz’s spouse needs heart surgery, Metz explains that taking care of one’s health is one’s own responsibility and that he and his wife would by insurance for that reason.
  3. The next caller asks “how much” government would be left under Freedom Party, and Metz explains that the government has a proper role in defending our rights, and the government might be quite large as a result.
  4. The next caller asks Johnson about her mention of “Christian” and says that, if she has no religious affiliation, “is this party not for me?”. Johnson says that the caller would be welcome in the party and that she doesn’t see any problem with talking about the values of the 10 commandments. Metz replies that when the government eliminates choice, it eliminates morality.

Barrie then asks Metz about Freedom Party’s election planks and what laws he would like to see repealed or made. Metz responds that Freedom Party would like to see an end to Ontario’s Censor Board; freedom of choice in Sunday shopping; competition in labour and in business, which implies a repeal of recently-imposed pay-equity legislation and an end to corporate welfare; an end to taxpayer-funding for abortion without restricting the individual’s choice to have an abortion.

Barry asks Johnson what – other than ending protection for homosexuals, and imposing measures against abortion – her Family Coalition Party would like to see. She replies that her party is against pay equity legislation; would like to discourage universal daycare (her party wants government money to go, instead, to mothers so that they can stay home and raise her own children.

Barrie then returns to the phones:

  1. The next caller, accusing Metz of not doing his homework on Sunday shopping, advocates maintaining the ban on Sunday shopping, and extending it to cover Mondays as well, to save on oil consumption so there is still some oil for future generations. Metz replies that if that logic worked, you could ban shopping 7 days per week and “your problems would be solved”.
  2. The next caller expresses approval for Freedom Party on all of Metz’s points. The last caller calls in approvingly of the Family Coalition’s anti-abortion stand.

In closing remarks, Metz explains that Freedom Party’s job is not to convert people who disagree with it, but to represent and bring together those who agree with it.

Audio Details:

Radio Program: The Andy Barrie Show
Host: Andy Barrie
Guests: Robert Metz (president, Freedom Party of Ontario),
Radio Station: CFRB AM 1010, Toronto, Ontario
Date: September 1, 1987.
Duration: 35 minutes, 39 seconds
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