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Openers: Democracy, Resignations & Appointments; “There’ll be no democracy for Freedoms” (newspaper coverage); “If you didn’t win one of these, you’re lucky” (newspaper coverage); Freedom (Party) on the Job Wins First Round at Eaton’s; Letters to the Editor re: Eaton’s; “Eaton’s workers reject union” (newspaper article); Freedom Party’s Opposition to Tax-financed Hosting of 1991 Games Produces Overwhelming Support; INSERT: “The London Citizens’ Guide to The Tax-Paid 1991 Pan-Am Games Bid”; “Pamphlet challenges Pan-Am Games bid” (newspaper coverage); Letter to the Editor (Robert Metz); “Aldermen concede city split on issue of Pan-Am Games” (newspaper article); “Speak up, supporters” (newspaper coverage); What is the Government Doing to Your Neighbourhood?; Get Involved (this means you!); University of Western Ontario Homecoming Party Not Held at Own ‘Home’; “Why London should review grant to UWO” (letter to editor – Marc Emery); Cartoon (Marc Emery and the Gatewood riots issue); Building Our Reputation: Community Involvement and Its Rewards; Prosperity as the Road to Freedom; Campaigning for Success (not for votes); A Sample Interview with FP Action Director; Wanted!; Our Record for 1984.

Document Details:

Document: Freedom Flyer (Issue #4)
Document Dated: September – December, 1984
Publisher: Freedom Party of Ontario
Editor: Robert Metz
Layout and Design: Marc Emery
Contributors in this Issue: John Cossar, Marc Emery, Murray Hopper, and Robert Metz
Document Type: Party Newsletter
Number of Pages: 18 + 3 inserts* + 1 explanatory note that was not included in the publication.
Page dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″
Color/BW: Color

*Inserts: “Union?” (two-sided flyer); “Freedom Party is earning your support” (one-sided); The London Citizens’ Guide to the Tax-aid 1991 Pan-Am Games Bid” (two-sided, 8 pages).

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