Dec 072015

SO WHERE’S THE RIGHT?: All Ontario parties in legislature on the left; PRESERVED IN STONE: Brampton-West Freedom Party constituency association president Ted Harlson proudly displays his original artistic creation; from ‘left-to-right’ – the road to freedom: philosophy, ideology, action; PATRICK’s ideological BROWN-out: Red Alert! – Why the PCs are on the left; A ZOMBIE STORY: Running from tyranny vs Running to freedom.

NOTE: Hard copies of this issue of FP News and Commentary were mailed to Freedom Party members and supporters together with a cover letter written by Freedom Party of Ontario president Robert Metz. A link to the cover letter is provided below.

Document Details:

Document: FP News and Commentary (Issue #9)
Document Dated: December, 2015
Publisher: Freedom Party International
Editor: Robert Metz
Document Type: Newsletter
Number of Pages: 2
Color/BW: Black and white

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