Feb 202001

2001-02-20.mckeeverVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On February 20, 2001, then Freedom Party of Ontario executive member Paul McKeever appeared before Ontario’s Standing Committee on Justice and Social Policy to testify in opposition to Bill 155, which was titled “Remedies for Organized Crime and Other Unlawful Activities Act, 2000”. The bill was introduced by then Ontario PC MPP and Attorney General Jim Flaherty. It later was passed into law.

The bill allows the government to cease private property from its owner even without charging the owner with an offence. Freedom Party opposed the bill on both philosophical and legal grounds.

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May 011988

1985-fpo-radio-thumbAUDIO – DESCRIPTION:
In March of 1988, the U.S. border patrol began seizing cars, boats, other vehicles, and their contents, in situations where illegal drugs were found in the vehicle. On her “Talkback” program (Radio 98), host Ann Hutchison wanted to know whether people thought asset seizure to be “fair”. Both Freedom Party president Robert Metz and Freedom Party Action Director Marc Emery called in to share their thoughts on the matter.




Robert Metz Excerpt

Marc Emery Excerpt

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