Jan 022007

2007-01-02.fptv-4-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
Political parties are often asked for their stand on marijuana (even though laws prohibiting marijuana are federal, not provincial). In this episode of FPTV, Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever outlines Freedom Party of Ontario’s position on marijuana.

The balance of the episode is about the hilarious hypocrisy of Progressive Conservative party leader John Tory. Tory’s recent attempt to appear tough on drugs exploded in his face when it was discovered he had written an article in which he admitted carrying a half-pound of marijuana, getting so high that he went temporarily mute, and driving while his depth perception was extremely impaired from (he says) marijuana use. Continue reading »

Jul 112003

Freedom Party of Ontario


For Immediate Release

U.S.A. Asks Freedom Party: Canada Friend or Foe?

July 11, 2003 – PROGRAM NOTICE – “[American television network] CBS effectively put Paul McKeever to the task of defending equal treatment for gays & lesbians, and the current legal use of marijuana. “This was a relatively rare and sweet opportunity for me to defend a Canadian love for individual freedom and responsibility that, in some respects, supercedes that of the country most famed for it. The memorable and saddening irony is that many Americans are actually seeing Canada’s de facto defence of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as anti-American…” [Click here to read the full release]

Feb 062001

2001-02-06.mckeever-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On February 6, 2001, Paul McKeever (Freedom Party of Ontario) was a guest of Rhonda London Live. In this episode, McKeever discussed with host Rhonda London Ontario’s Bill 155, which would allow for the seizure of a person’s property if that property might be used in a crime or if the property might have been obtained through the commission of an offence (but without the need to lay a charge or to convict the person from whom the property is seized). Also a guest on this episode: Margaret Beare (Associate Professor of Sociology, York University; and Director for the Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption), and Rocco Cleveland (Staff Superintendent, Toronto Police Service). Continue reading »

Aug 012000

2000-08-01.metz-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On August 1, 2000, Robert Metz (President, Freedom Party of Ontario) was a guest of Rhonda London Live. In this episode, Metz discussed with host Rhonda London an Ontario Progressive Conservative proposal for mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients. Also guests on this episode: Joe Cordiano (Liberal Party of Ontario critic for Community and Social Services) and Andrea Calver (Ontario Coalition for Social Justice). Continue reading »

Jan 011999


Statement of Principle; Where We Stand!: Official Platform – Freedom Party of Ontario – Members Draft – December, 1998; Policy and Platform: Freedom; Aboriginal Issues; Abortion; Academic Freedom; Affirmative Action; Auto Insurance; Balanced Budgets; Business; Calgary Framework; Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC); Censorship; Charter of Rights and Freedoms; Children & Child Care; Constitution; Crown Corporations; Culture; Democracy; Discrimination; Drug Laws; Education; Electoral Reform; Environment; Freedom of Choice; Freedom of Speech; Freedom Party; Free Enterprise; Free Markets; Free Trade; Fundamental Freedoms; Government; Gun Control; Health Care; Health Tax; Housing; Human Rights Commission (Ontario); Individual Rights; Insurance; Interest Rates; Jobs; Justice; Law; Lobby Groups; Majority Rule; Marijuana; Market Value Assessment; Medicare; MPP Salaries & Pensions; Multiculturalism; Official Bilingualism; OHIP; Ontario Hydro; Politics; Political Correctness; Pollution; Poverty; Principles; Property Rights; Property Taxes; Protectionism; Public Transit; Quebec; Racism; Referendums; Rent Controls; Self Defence; Socialism; Sunday Shopping; Taxation; Unemployment; Unions; Universality; Wealth; Welfare; Workers’ Compensation; Workfare.
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Jun 011998

The Calgary Declaration Our readers speak! Feedback, good and bad; No room for freedom in Calgary Framework, Walker’s message to legislature; Roots of Change Conference urged to put freedom first!; Funds appeal launched for London landlord Elijah Elieff; Harris and Walker on proportional representation; Manning criticized for his theory of Confederation; Joe Armstrong visits Freedom Party; APEC publishes Leitch address to Freedom Party; Property Rights Dialogue; Flat Tax Advocates; Website draws visitors from around the world; Drug Laws; Racism; Education – Protesting the Protestors; …and much, much more! Continue reading »

Oct 011997

Evolutionary! Party leader Lloyd Walker; FP supports constitutional challenge to Canada’s drug laws; Monteith questions motives of prohibitionists; Judge rules ‘trivial’ freedoms not protected by Charter; Private meeting with Manning; Freedom of Speech under attack; APEC president Ron Leitch calls for grassroots action; Human Rights Commission is racists, says Metz; Freedom of Information ruling irrelevant in determination of information’s validity; PC’s referenda report ‘disappointing’, says Walker; ‘Nothing in it for politicians,’ says Pengelly, on welfare reform; Open-line radio show ‘Left-Right-Center’ launched on CJBK AM radio in London; Entire FP history now on line; Vaughan tests political waters. Continue reading »

May 011997

“Second Wind” by Lloyd Walker and Robert Metz
“Drugs Should be Legalized” by Ray Monteith
“The Blessings of Saving Under Free Enterprise” by Mark Callen and Professor Walter Block
“Bottom Rung” by Elizabeth Larson and Professor Walter Block
“The Evils of Rent Control” by Gene McDonough and Professor Walter Block Continue reading »

Apr 011997

The Common Sense Shuffle The New Dealers and the Common Sense Shuffle; Politics and Poverty; Conference for Concerned Canadians A Success; Fireside Chat with Joe Armstrong; Divisional Court Fines London landlord for discrimination; Free Press defends lack of balance; FP’s Calendar of Canada features hundreds of historical references; Ontario Human Rights Commission produces ‘non-existent’ financial records; FP goes on record against tobacco prohibition; Monteith condemns Canadian drug policies: ‘Tell Washington to buzz off!’; FP refuses compliance with Ontario’s Commission On Election Finances. Continue reading »