Dec 012001

“Taken by Surprise: The United States, Canada, and Anti-Missile Defence” by Kenneth H.W. Hilborn
“Blaming the Victim: The Genesis of the Break Up of Canada” by Paul McKeever
“Crime Does Pay” by Karen Selick
“Oh Canada!” by Adam Young
“Paved with Good Intentions” by Robert James Bidinotto Continue reading »

Feb 062001

2001-02-06.mckeever-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
On February 6, 2001, Paul McKeever (Freedom Party of Ontario) was a guest of Rhonda London Live. In this episode, McKeever discussed with host Rhonda London Ontario’s Bill 155, which would allow for the seizure of a person’s property if that property might be used in a crime or if the property might have been obtained through the commission of an offence (but without the need to lay a charge or to convict the person from whom the property is seized). Also a guest on this episode: Margaret Beare (Associate Professor of Sociology, York University; and Director for the Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption), and Rocco Cleveland (Staff Superintendent, Toronto Police Service). Continue reading »