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On November 16, 1992, an Ontario Human Rights Commission Board of Inquiry commenced a 10 day hearing in the matter of Chippheng Hon v. Elijah Elieff (COM. No. 20-1775). Hon was a tenant of Elieff’s apartment buildings. Hon was originally from Cambodia, and Elieff was originally from Macedonia. Each had difficulties with the English language. In her complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, Hon alleged that Elieff had subjected her to harassment due to her “ethnic origin”. Although her complaint was initiated in 1989 – three years before the hearing began – counsel for the commission was allowed to add “race” as a basis of harassment on day 1 of the hearings. She was also permitted to add as a respondent the owner of the apartment buildings, which was not Elieff, but a corporation in which Elieff was a shareholder. Freedom Party president Robert Metz took an interest in the hearings, which were being held in London, Ontario, so he attended them. He quickly grew concerned by what he witnessed.

Freedom Party’s Jack Plant (later to be party leader) researched the press coverage of Elieff and his Cheyenne Apartments at London’s public library, and made photocopies of the London Free Press articles that he there found about the subject. The articles would assist Metz in his successful defence of Elieff. These are the articles that Plant copied, and upon which Metz relied. A number of post-hearing articles are included below, also, having been added to Freedom Party’s newspaper clippings file for the Elieff matter.

Churches go to city hall in battle with landlord

Cheyenne apartments: Complaint continue to flow (Feb. 3, 1989)

Tenants picket over cockroaches (Oct. 17, 1989)

Tenants in 22 units leave (Mar. 20, 1989)

Managers, tenants trade charges (Mar. 31, 1989)

Health officials finishing report (Apr. 1, 1989)

It’s the last straw for flooded· tenant (Apr. 4, 1989)

Owner files appeal of city repair order (July 10, 1989)

Rental unit called ‘unfit’ (Sept. 12, 1989)

Tap water restored to 20 apartments (Sept. 15, 1989)

City agencies helping woman who said rental unit was unfit (Sept. 23, 1989)

Seeds sown for tenant association (Sept. 23, 1989)

Building clean-ups bog down (Sept. 26, 1989)

Apartments sprayed for bugs on orders from health unit (not dated)

Public slur undeserved by Cambodians (Oct. 17, 1989)

Ignoring fix-up orders costs landlord $6,000 (Nov. 7, 1989)

Won’t pay $6,000 fine for not making repairs, London landlord Says (Nov. 8, 1989)

‘Moral outrage’ at landlord’s remarks (Nov. 9, 1989)

Angry tenants strike back (Nov. 10, 1989)

Tenants fight back (Nov. 10, 1989)

Tenants, kids, vandals blamed for the mess (Nov. 11, 1989)

Too many ‘ifs’ block happiness (Nov. 11, 1989)

Translator a champion to outraged Asians (Nov. 11, 1989)

Maligned tenants defended as responsible and nice people (Nov. 13, 1989)

Human rights charges sought against controversial landlord (Nov. 14, 1989)

Owner hit with a new list (Nov. 15, 1989)

City racial group censures landlord (Nov. 16, 1989)

Media gave racial slur too much prominence (Nov. 17, 1989)

UnpIeasant words can’t be hidden (Nov. 18, 1989)

Landlord often has good case (Nov. 29, 1989)

Landlord’s words deplored (Dec. 6, 1989)

Londoners showing racial remarks abhorrent (Dec. 8, 1989)

Rights code violation hard to prove (Dec. 9, 1989)

Failed sod-turning still spells victory for single mothers (Dec. 11, 1989)

Churches help during roach~kil1 (Dec. 12, 1989)

Lien against-buildings may ensure fines paid (Dec. 12, 1989)

City applies writ of sale and seizure (Dec. 15, 1989)

Fumigation terminology incorrect (Jan. 2, 1990)

Complaint mailed to apartment owner (Jan. 13, 1990)

Lock lack not factor in crime, police say (Feb. 8, 1990)

Apartment repairs still not finished, tenant complains (Feb. 16, 1990)

City-ordered repairs progressing but slowly (Mar. 8, 1990)

Surviving grind of being poor takes anger and a will to fight (Mar. 16, 1990)

Human rights complaints probed (Apr. 17, 1990)

Rev. Susan Eagle’s congregations are everywhere
there are injustices to be corrected (Apr. 14, 1990)

Rev. Susan Eagle’s congregations are everywhere
there are injustices to be corrected (continued…Apr. 14, 1990)

Rev. Susan Eagle’s congregations are everywhere
there are injustices to be corrected (continued…Apr. 14, 1990)

Most at Cheyenne site satisfied with repairs (June 1, 1990)

Elieff won’t be fined over apartment repairs (June 21, 1990)

Owner can’t raze low-rent building (July 14, 1990)

Landlord misses deadline for repairs to apartments (Aug. 1, 1990)

Enforcing system streamlined, health unit to field complaints (Aug. 7, 1990)

Repairs done (Aug. 21, 1990)

Program offers time to dream (Aug. 2, 1991)

Building cleanups bog down (Aug. 26, 1991)

Group seeks Cheyenne improvements (Oct. 28, 1991)

City, provincial aid sought for co-op housing project (Oct. 29, 1991)

Councillors nix doubling fees (Nov. 5, 1991)

Owner of apartment units may sell out, leave Canada (Feb. 11, 1992)

Cheyenne tenants tied up in red tape (Feb. 11, 1992)

Cheyenne tenants face tough job (Feb. 28, 1992)

Bugged (Apr. 30, 1992)

Deal struck to buy, replace Cheyenne apartment units (May 26, 1992)

Tenants back demolition plan (June 30, 1992)

Priority housing (June 30, 1992)

Hurdles cleared for Cheyenne co-ops (July 28, 1992)

London will lose if tenants forced to move (Aug. 15, 1992)

Cheyenne Avenue tenants need helping hand (Sept. 3, 1992)

Cheyenne tenants win rebates (Oct. 1, 1992)

Clean Up sewage, landlord ordered (Nov. 3, 1992)

Sewage haunts tenants at Cheyenne apartments (Nov. 6, 1992)

Landlord denies ‘pigs’ comment (Nov. 17, 1992)

Witnesses say landlord neglected, misled tenants (Nov. 28, 1992)

Tenants may have water, power cut off (Dec. 1, 1992)

City should be prepared to ensure tenants’ comfort (Dec. 2, 1992)

Cheyenne tenants pay rent into trust (Dec. 5, 1992)

Tenants in buildings still have electricity (not dated)

Increased immigration can bring growing pains (Dec. 16, 1992)

Tenants blamed for cockroaches (Dec. 29, 1992)

London landlord finds fans in Freedom party (Dec. 29, 1992)

The complaint (Dec. 30, 1992)

Landlord contends he ‘loves’ refugees from Asia (Dec. 30, 1992)

Elijah Elieff unjustly portrayed (not dated)

City asked to seize rent (Jan. 1993)

An enemy of truth (Jan. 12, 1993)

City morally obligated to step in, says worker (Jan. 13, 1993)

Cheyenne apartments in tug of war (Jan. 27, 1993)

Cheyenne co-op plan still the best solution (Jan. 18, 1993)

Paying Cheyenne’s bills (Jan. 20, 1993)

Cheyenne amenities not exactly plentiful? (Jan. 25, 1993)

Cheyenne situation to be studied (1993)

Freedom Party leader Robert Metz has agreed to represent London landlord Elijah Elieff (Jan. 1993)

Gas cut-off may ease Cheyenne woes (Feb. 1993)

Smear campaign alleged against London landlord (Feb. 1993)

Heat could be off in days (Feb. 6, 1993)

Tenants say OK to turning off heat (Feb. 10, 1993)

Heat or no heat, tenants staying (Feb. 11, 1993)

Cheyenne residents face cold winter (Feb. 11, 1993)

The heat is still on but future uncertain (Feb. 12, 1993)

City council to ponder how to keep heat on (Feb. 13, 1993)

The Cheyenne you never hear about (Feb. 16, 1993)

Health unit, London to pursue landlord for gas bill (Feb. 16, 1993)

Rejection of tenants violation of code (Feb. 23, 1993)

Susan Eagle gets top Rotary honor (Mar. 5, 1993)

Tenants pay $10,000 of $18,584 hydro bill (Mar. 6, 1993)

Court rules in favor of tenants (Mar. 12, 1993)

Notice of application for private legislation (Mar. 20, 1993)

Cheyenne Update (March 24, 1993)

A utopian concept, incompatible with democracy (Mar. 30, 1993)

Tenants face loss of heat, hot water because bills unpaid (Apr. 21, 1993)

Memo to all tenants of 105 and 95 who have paid into the Trust Fund (Apr. 22, 1993)

Tenants again given a break with heat, water (May 7, 1993)

Racism a worry for new boss (May 13, 1993)

Legislation to help Cheyenne tenants (not dated)

Cheyenne tenants’ legislation hits snag (Jun. 3, 1993)

Bill passed by legislature lets city redirect rents (Jun. 25, 1993)

An appropriate bill (June 28, 1993)

‘Cheyenne’ law OKd (Jun. 29, 1993)

NDP proposes three-way deal for welfare jobs (Jul. 9, 1993)

Time is running out for owner (Jul. 15, 1993)

Bank denies responsibility for Cheyenne buildings (Jul. 20, 1993)

Moral obligation outweighs legality (Jul. 21, 1993)

Owner relinquishes control of controversial buildings (Jul. 23, 1993)

Free Press criticized for stand on notes (Aug. 19, 1993)

Racism trivialized (Aug. 23, 1993)

Free Press reporter must produce notes (Aug. 29, 1993)

Reporter called ‘big liar, idiot’ by landlord (Aug. 31, 1993)

Local landlord lathered by bathtub color query (Sep. 1, 1993)

Elieff s rent income illegal, lawyer testifies at hearing (Sep. 2, 1993)

Cheyenne unit called ‘time bomb’ (Sep. 21, 1993)

Discrimination at Cheyenne deserves a ‘strong remedy’ (Sep. 28, 1993)

Everything being done that can at apartments, committee told (Sep. 28, 1993)

Proposed landlord sanctions include anti-racism classes (Sep. 21, 1993)

Eagle, Free Press accused of conspiracy against· Elieff (Sep. 30, 1993)

Freedom in peril (Oct. 14, 1993)

Today crucial deadline for Cheyenne Co-op

Wading through sewage (Nov. 3, 1993)

Investors plan to fix rundown buildings (Nov. 10, 1993)

Tenants may· not receive return of rent overpayments (Nov. 16, 1993)

Cheyenne investors agree to meet with tenants (Nov. 17, 1993)

Bank takes best offer in Cheyenne sale (Nov. 23, 1993)

Embarrassed neighbours want new street name (Nov. 26, 1993)

Ontario to support co-op’s bid to buy Cheyenne buildings (Dec. 11, 1993)

Commission upset as inquiry clears Elieff of discrimination (Sep. 17, 1994)

An oppressive, perverse act (Sep. 22, 1994)

Diverse Ward 3 exemplifies City growth (Sep. 22, 1994)

Activist seeks role inside system (Sep. 24, 1994)

Minister clarifies role in complaint (Sep. 28, 1994)

Canada’s stability is at risk (Sep. 28, 1994)

Elieff is no angel (Oct., 1994)

Activist gets the business from real estate group (Oct. 7, 1994)

Cheyenne apartments proposal uneconomic (Dec. 29, 1994)

Court hears alleged racist remarks (estimated October 25, 1996 – not dated)

Tenants rejoice at racism decision (Dec. 1996)

Pest control move blow to poor (Feb. 1, 1997)

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