Aug 062020


On August 6, 2020, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever was a guest of the globally-aired radio program “Just Right”, with host Robert Metz (who is also Freedom Party’s president). Just Right described the episode as follows:

An end to the COVID-19 pandemic will never be found through some future means of defeating the SARS CoV-2 virus. That’s because the COVID-19 pandemic is a politically orchestrated moral pandemic, not a viral one.

Thanks to continued unnecessary lockdowns, the forced wearing of masks and social distancing rules, we now know that our politicians can force arbitrary and irrational restrictions on us without being held accountable for their actions. But worse, we also now know that there are a great many people not only willing to follow their orders without question, but who are eager to help enforce those orders against their fellow citizens.

This is beyond tragedy. At the root of this acceptance of evil lies a widely accepted belief that these actions can all be justified by altruism. “If it only saves one life, it’s all worth it.”

This is a demonstrably immoral argument. For any society this represents an ethical cancer, which just like any cancer if left unchecked eventually destroys the host body. No society can possibly survive on the irrational principle of self-sacrifice.

Nor can any number of COVID-19 ‘model projections,’ or slogans insisting that “we’re all in this together,” possibly justify the suicidal path taken by our politicians and health care officials.

Their prescriptions, all based on unethical manifestations of the Left, have been designed to defeat human nature itself. What’s required is a moral prescription that’s Just Right – one that defends human nature instead of attempting to defeat it.

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Mar 312020

In times of great fear and anxiety, uncertainty and confusion does not help. It is particularly unhelpful when the confusion is deliberate. I am referring to the widespread practice – particularly by governments and some in the mainstream media – of referring to the CoronaVirus, and to CoronaVirus testing, as “Covid-19” or “Covid-19 testing”. Continue reading »

Mar 292020

North America is now weeks into governmental measures to keep “non-essential” businesses closed and to keep people in their homes. Fears and anxiety caused by the initial hoardings of toilet paper and other goods now are having to share the stage with fears and anxiety caused by the inevitable deepening economic devastation caused by those measures.

Faced with the rise of the latter fears, politicians are beginning to worry. On one hand, they have told the populace that it is right for us all to sacrifice for the good of the people who are vulnerable to the disease caused, in some, by the Coronavirus: Covid-19. On the other hand, it is becoming increasingly obvious to all that the government’s shut-down of the economy is not practical. The question for politicians is: How do I now justify ending the governmental policy that I’ve already told everyone is the right and moral thing to do without being morally condemned for it? Alternatively, how do I justify not ending the shut-down without looking like I’m impractical? Continue reading »

Mar 262020

Pusateri’s is a Toronto retailer that is being attacked on social media for reportedly charging $30 for one package of Lysol disinfectant wipes. Critics of the decision to set that price call it an instance of “price gouging” – i.e., charging more than the usual price during a time of usual-supply and unusually-high demand – and condemn it morally. Asked to weigh-in on what Pusateri’s was doing, Ontario Premier Doug Ford was “furious”, exclaimed that the pricing was “absolutely disgusting”, and advised that his government was “gonna come after [“price gougers”] hard” using emergency powers he has given himself in response to the spread of the Coronavirus. “They’re done! They’re gonna be gone!”, he exclaimed, referring to Pusateri’s as a “bad actor”. He, and the self-righteous anti-“price gouging” scolds, should have been thanking Pusateri’s for performing an essential function. Continue reading »

Mar 222020

As the spread of the latest Coronavirus (SARS coronavirus 2, or “SARS-CoV-2”) continues, two purportedly opposing camps of policy wonks are forming, which I herein name “Dark-siders” and “Straddlers”. However, though their policy proposals differ, their respective proposals are founded upon the same ethical philosophy. For that reason, the policy proposals of the two camps ultimately will facilitate the same end. And, because the ethics underpinning their policies treats human nature as a thing to be defeated, rather than defended, their policies will be every bit as destructive as the illness they seek to address. There are collectivists who hope to take political advantage of the destruction caused by the government’s response to the Coronavirus. If the collectivists are to be thwarted – if individual freedom and capitalism are to prevail – the government must be careful to found its Coronavirus policies on a better ethical footing. It must come over to the Light-side. Continue reading »

May 312018


On May 31, 2018, Tom McConnell (radio 610 CKTB AM / 1290 CJBK AM ) interviewed Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever in the run-up to Ontario’s June 7, 2018 provincial election. Among the questions McKeever was asked (and answered) were: Does FP have a costed platform?; What would you do about electricity in this province?; What about energy conservation programs?; Would you give a discount now and make consumers pay more later?; End the ban on incandescent lightbulbs?; What would your plans be for health care?; Is there anything in your platform re: mental health and addiction?; What would you do about the Beer Store, LCBO, and the proposed Ontario government pot-dealing monopoly?; Is there any agency, board, or commission that you would get rid of?; How many candidates are you running in this election?; Why aren’t you Freedom Party people under the PC banner, trying to effect change from within that party?; Would you re-write the Green Energy Act so that Ontario doesn’t pay more for electricity that Ontario sells it for?; Is the difference between the Freedom Party and the Libertarian party?; What are some of the other things in Freedom Party’s platform that you’d like people to be aware of (McKeever touches on issues such instruction in schools; policing and public safety at university speaking events; due process vs. workplace investigations)?; What is your party’s realistic goal in this election?; Would you be in favour of proportional representation?

NOTE: During the interview, McKeever quotes Ontario Libertarian Party leader Allen Small. Those quotations, together with a link to the source text, is provided here: Continue reading »

May 312018


On the May 31, 2018 episode of Just Right, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever and Just Right host (and Freedom Party of Ontario president/CFO) Robert Metz discussed the coming, June 7, 2018 Ontario provincial election, and how the Ontario PC Party has essentially consisted of echoing Liberal spending promises, refusing to balance the budget, and refusing to address serious social issues. In other words: they are alienating both fiscal conservatives and social conservatives, hoping that people will vote not for ideas, but for a party with a name that just happens to have the word “conservative” in it.

Regular listeners to Just Right will recognize the voice of Andrew Lawton (in one of the audio clips used in the episode) speaking at a Freedom Party of Ontario dinner in 2013 about his journey from associating with a party devoid of pro-freedom ideas (the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario) to a party that has and promotes the right ideas and policies. Lawton praises the courage of those who run for Freedom Party because it takes more courage to do that than to run with a bigger party devoid of pro-freedom ideas. Five years later, Lawton agreed – for the 2018 provincial election – to be the Progressive Conservative Party candidate for the riding of London West. McKeever and Metz discuss integrity.

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