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On the May 31, 2018 episode of Just Right, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever and Just Right host (and Freedom Party of Ontario president/CFO) Robert Metz discussed the coming, June 7, 2018 Ontario provincial election, and how the Ontario PC Party has essentially consisted of echoing Liberal spending promises, refusing to balance the budget, and refusing to address serious social issues. In other words: they are alienating both fiscal conservatives and social conservatives, hoping that people will vote not for ideas, but for a party with a name that just happens to have the word “conservative” in it.

Regular listeners to Just Right will recognize the voice of Andrew Lawton (in one of the audio clips used in the episode) speaking at a Freedom Party of Ontario dinner in 2013 about his journey from associating with a party devoid of pro-freedom ideas (the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario) to a party that has and promotes the right ideas and policies. Lawton praises the courage of those who run for Freedom Party because it takes more courage to do that than to run with a bigger party devoid of pro-freedom ideas. Five years later, Lawton agreed – for the 2018 provincial election – to be the Progressive Conservative Party candidate for the riding of London West. McKeever and Metz discuss integrity.

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Recorded: May 23, 2018
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