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On May 31, 2018, Tom McConnell (radio 610 CKTB AM / 1290 CJBK AM ) interviewed Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever in the run-up to Ontario’s June 7, 2018 provincial election. Among the questions McKeever was asked (and answered) were: Does FP have a costed platform?; What would you do about electricity in this province?; What about energy conservation programs?; Would you give a discount now and make consumers pay more later?; End the ban on incandescent lightbulbs?; What would your plans be for health care?; Is there anything in your platform re: mental health and addiction?; What would you do about the Beer Store, LCBO, and the proposed Ontario government pot-dealing monopoly?; Is there any agency, board, or commission that you would get rid of?; How many candidates are you running in this election?; Why aren’t you Freedom Party people under the PC banner, trying to effect change from within that party?; Would you re-write the Green Energy Act so that Ontario doesn’t pay more for electricity that Ontario sells it for?; Is the difference between the Freedom Party and the Libertarian party?; What are some of the other things in Freedom Party’s platform that you’d like people to be aware of (McKeever touches on issues such instruction in schools; policing and public safety at university speaking events; due process vs. workplace investigations)?; What is your party’s realistic goal in this election?; Would you be in favour of proportional representation?

NOTE: During the interview, McKeever quotes Ontario Libertarian Party leader Allen Small. Those quotations, together with a link to the source text, is provided here:

“It does not help our cause to advocate the anarcho-capitalist market solution to non-libertarians; no one outside the libertarian community will understand…we need to use a sort of rhetorical camouflage and develop an arsenal of well-chosen words, phrases, and talking points that allows us to infiltrate the political conversation in Ontario without being labeled as kooks.” (

“If we libertarians are attempting to bring about a new world order, one person at a time, then we must include everyone within our fold, anarchists, statists, and collectivists of all stripes, and everything in between.” (

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Radio Program: The Tom McConnell Show
Host: Tom McConnell
Guests: Paul McKeever
Aired: May 31, 2018
Radio Station: 610 CKTB AM (St. Catharines) / 1290 CJBK AM (London)
Recorded: May 31, 2018
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