Mar 302013

2013-03-30.helpless-homolkaVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

This short feature was researched and produced by Paul McKeever to set the context for a video presentation of Freedom Party of Ontario’s December 3, 1994 Gordon Domm dinner, which featured the retired OPP officer and publication ban-breaker Gordon Domm as a speaker, along with speakers Robert Metz (President, Freedom Party of Ontario) and publisher David Helwig. The full video, with the dinner, is available on Freedom Party of Ontario’s youtube channel at:

Watch, and see how radical leftist, feminist ideology was used to characterize Karla Homolka’s criminal activities as the act of a helpless victim of battered wife’s syndrome. Learn how a publication ban helped cover-up radical feminist attorney general Marion Boyd’s so-called “deal with the devil” until after the election of 1995. Continue reading »

Jan 232013

2013-01-23.arena.mckeever.coren.idle-no-moreVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On January 23, 2013, Freedom Party leader was a guest of “The Arena” (Sun News Network) with host Michael Coren. The topic of discussion: What is at the root of the Idle No More protests, vandalism, and opposition to the Indian Act? What does it mean when the police refuse to enforce property rights? Why is property rights versus aboriginal culture a phony dichotomy? Continue reading »

Aug 312012

2012-08-31.harlson-thumbVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:

On August 31, 2012, Freedom Party of Ontario member Ted Harlson and Caledonia resident Stuart Laughton were guests of Sun News Network’s “The Arena” with host Michael Coren. In this episode, Ted and Stuart discuss having been arrested (but not charged with anything) in Caledonia, Ontario, during a peaceful demonstration there. Each was arrested and jailed for a several hours out of a fear that native secessionists in Caledonia would respond to the peaceful demonstration with violence. Continue reading »

Sep 072011

During the 2011 election, Freedom Party of Ontario released its election platform one plank at a time, beginning October 12, 2010 (Affordable Electricity). The 18th and final plank (Separating Public Schools and Organized Religious Practice) was released on August 2, 2011. Each plank was announced with a media release, and each plank release was accompanied by the release of a pre-election commercial that was viewable only on the web. Each plank release was also accompanied by an audio recording, available only on the web, of Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever reading the plank for the voter’s convenience. Freedom Party maintained a 2011 Election Platform web page. As each plank was released, a link to the plank was added to the Platform page. On September 7, 2011 – the day that the election writ was dropped for the 2011 Ontario provincial election – Freedom Party released its 2011 election platform as the world’s first-ever election platform audiobook.

HTML (web) version:
AUDIOBOOK version:

May 272011

updates-blog-entryMay 27, 2011 – Radio Interview: Paul McKeever, leader, Freedom Party of Ontario was interviewed today on the Jim Richards Showgram (CFRB 1010 AM, Toronto). The topic: Paul McKeever’s costing of the Hudak PC proposal to have provincial criminal inmates collect litter in Ontario neighbourhoods at a price, to the taxpayer, of $3000.00 per inmate.

May 272011


On the Jim Richards Showgram, NewsTalk 1010 AM, Toronto, Paul McKeever, leader, Freedom Party of Ontario, discussed his costing of the Hudak PC proposal to have provincial criminal inmates collect litter in Ontario neighbourhoods at a price, to the taxpayer, of $3000.00 per inmate.

Listen to the entire conversation:

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