Dec 272020


Dear Members, Friends and Supporters,

As anticipated in our last update, Doug Ford’s latest COVID-19 lockdown is now in effect across the entire province of Ontario.

Justification for the lockdown is not supported by any evidence cited nor by a rationale based on cutting down ‘COVID case’ numbers. However the lockdown does mirror, in every respect, mandated lockdowns in Western nations from Europe to Australia – whether they have ‘case’ numbers or not!

As if to confirm my observation made in last week’s update (Dec 19), “Ford’s actions do not reflect an Ontario agenda but rather a globalist one. He is acting no differently than Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau who announced that the COVID-19 lockdowns serve as a great opportunity to enact the global ‘Great Re-set’ – just another term for global communism/fascism.”

Sure enough, on Monday December 21, Ford once again mandated that same globalist agenda. My own analysis and commentary regarding the lockdown was featured on Just Right’s radio broadcast and blog post of December 24, Agenda 21 and the Great Reset.

Discussed openly and advocated by politicians world-wide, Agenda 21 is anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, and anti-human. It is no longer possible to isolate the COVID-19 lockdowns from this agenda, one not about a viral spread – but about spreading a political ideology of fascism. No ‘viral’ pandemic in the history of the world has ever generated a response as irrational and destructive as what we have all been forced to endure under these lockdown measures.

Thanks to the mainstream media, an additional challenge facing us today is that the Ontario electorate to which we must appeal for support has little or no knowledge of the bigger picture. Therefore the broader public does not have the information that would motivate enough to take any actions that would help prevent a complete destruction of our individual freedoms.

No matter the globalist agenda, in Ontario the buck stops with our own provincial government and its premier: Doug Ford. Wittingly or not, as a puppet of this agenda he has wrought incalculable damage upon the province of Ontario. It was never necessary for Ontario to unthinkingly and uncritically follow the global herd of politicians ‘legislating’ the destruction of their own economies.

Arbitrarily passing ‘laws’ and issuing rules and regulations that restrict our freedom of association and speech are never acceptable in a free society. Worse, ‘due process’ is being abandoned via an ‘undue process’ rationalized by a viral pandemic and ’emergency’ measures. Irrespective of whether or not the COVID-19 pandemic is real, the actions currently pursued by our governments are intolerable and illegitimate.

Let us never forget that when we speak of government, ‘force’ is what is being governed. This principle applies to every issue great and small without exception.

Our only real choice concerns the issue of whether that force will be guided to create an environment of justice where the rights to life liberty and property are respected and enforced – or whether that force will be used to restrict and prohibit our rights to life liberty and property. The first choice leads to the condition we know as freedom; the second to a condition of tyranny. And tyranny has never been a solution to any problem.

To say that these are unprecedented times on a global scale is an understatement. Nevertheless, like the globalists themselves say, we must “think globally and act locally.”

In a free democracy, political parties are the natural and most effective means of expressing the ‘public will’ without a resort to violence. Ontario’s only democratic option for a return to ‘normalcy’ – freedom – is Freedom Party. That’s because in direct contrast to the other major Ontario parties, Freedom Party believes that the purpose of government is to protect our freedom of choice, not to restrict it.

Assembling a slate of provincial candidates for the expected 2022 general election remains our top priority and is the only way for Ontarian’s to have a choice on the ballot that offers a true local option independent of any other pre-set globalist agendas for their future.

There’s still time to qualify for your 2020 Ontario political tax credit, so if you haven’t done so already, the time to contribute is now. Contributions made to Freedom Party by December 31 will qualify for this year’s credit and are a great way to ‘act locally’ in the ‘great effort’ to recover, and enshrine, our freedom of choice in Ontario.

Yours in freedom,
Robert Metz

Freedom Party of Ontario

Remember, all contributions to Freedom Party are tax-creditable to Ontario residents. 2020 official receipts will be issued before the end of February 2021, in time for annual tax returns.


Paul McKeever’s Message to Opponents of Lock-downs and Mask-mandates (Coronavirus / Covid-19)


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