Dec 192020


Dear Members, Friends and Supporters,

Ontario Premier Doug Ford is expected to announce further lockdowns in Ontario over the coming days ahead. This is unconscionable and immoral, as have been the past mandated lockdowns and restrictions on our freedom of association.

Justifications for the latest lockdowns are a mirror image of those used for the very first round of lockdowns. On May 6, 2020, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever issued An Important Message for Opponents of Lockdown and Mask Mandates that reflects this very reality.

No possible emergency or existential threat to humanity can justify the actions taken by Ontario’s government since the beginning of this farcical COVID-19 pandemic. We are witnessing a crime against humanity, cloaked in the guise of ‘saving lives’ from a dreaded virus called SARS CoV-2 which has never demonstrated itself to be any such thing.

Consider that as of November 15 there were a total of 10,947 deaths officially attributed to COVID-19 since the beginning of the ‘pandemic’ across the entire country of Canada. Of that number, 10,781 occurred in long-term homes. That means, that from coast-to-coast, only 166 deaths officially attributed to COVID-19 occurred outside of long-term care homes. (A similar statistical gulf was recently revealed by British Columbia’s Dr. Bonnie Henry who reported that her province’s official ‘COVID-19’ death toll now stands at 587 with “all but two” having occurred inside of long term care homes.)

Since the very beginning of the announced pandemic, Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever began investigating and reporting the serious discrepancies within Ontario’s official statistics, such as this April 16 Report: REPORT – Paul McKeever: Ontario Government Buries Key Coronavirus Data.

I am well aware that most Ontarians are utterly lost in a fog of confusion, bewilderment, anxiety, and fear over the ‘COVID-19’ lockdowns. Many of them know nothing about the reality of the situation. Their state of mind has been intentionally and aggressively molded by our mainstream media, politicians, and healthcare bureaucrats. Millions of Ontarians have been needlessly terrified over a flu virus that not only is very like most flu viruses in statistical terms – but for which therapeutic and effective treatments have long been known and used.

Shockingly, these treatments have been officially prohibited in Ontario in favor of a political agenda to have every individual in the province vaccinated. Officials are openly announcing that these vaccines will not prevent anyone from getting or spreading the virus, nor will they prevent one from getting ill. And, we have been told, getting vaccinated will not end the rotational lockdowns, social distancing, or the mandated wearing of masks.

Ford’s actions do not reflect an Ontario agenda but rather a globalist one. He is acting no differently than Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau who announced that the COVID-19 lockdowns serve as a great opportunity to enact the global ‘Great Reset’ – just another term for global communism/fascism. I spoke at length to this on my own November 26 broadcast of Just Right: Fascist Ford – Ontario’s Premier COVID case.

However, it is not my intention here to expand on all of the major issues and nuances behind this pandemic. I have personally devoted hundreds of hours of study to this issue since the beginning of the outbreak and have been documenting much of what I’ve found via weekly broadcasts and blog postings that can be found on the site of Just Right Media.

Right now however, it is important to acknowledge that there are no political parties in the Ontario legislature that would end the lockdowns and all of the attendant bizarre and irrational rules/regulations accompanying them. All of them are openly committed to continuing the pandemic and to keep Ontarians in a state of fear and anxiety well into the future. Shame on them.

Freedom Party believes that the purpose of government is to protect our freedom of choice, not to restrict it.

That’s a statement we have repeated and lived by since the founding of the party, and it stands diametrically opposed to all the mainstream parties who consistently and without fail demonstrate that they believe that the purpose of government is to restrict our freedom of choice, not to protect it. Such is their philosophy; such is their history; such is their policy on COVID-19.

Thus here we sit, in the midst of a so-called viral pandemic, which is in reality a political one.

The next Ontario election is expected to be held on or before June 2, 2022 and given our current circumstances it’s pretty clear what the number one issue in that election will be.

There will be at least three or more political party choices on the Ontario ballot for various options of state control over the economy and our freedom of association, and there will be but one choice for freedom: Freedom Party. No legislated lockdowns, no mask mandates, no social distancing, no ‘new normal,’ no Great Reset, no fascism. Ever.

The proper way to have addressed a genuine pandemic was clearly described by Paul McKeever in his March 22 posting: OPINION: Paul McKeever – The Coronavirus: Dark-siders, Straddlers, and Light-siders: The Ethics of Good Public Policy.

Between now and the next election, our number one objective will be to offer Ontarians a true choice for freedom at the ballot box. We are always on the lookout for candidates and those who would like to offer their help and assistance. And of course, your financial contributions are what make it all possible.

Despite the unconscionable restrictions placed on the number of people we are allowed to have in our own private homes over this Christmas season, here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happier than 2020 New Year in 2021.

Our politicians keep insisting that “we’re all in this together.” With your help, and with the help of others supporting Freedom Party between now and the next election, we can instead “all get out of this together.”

After all, freedom is the only ‘normal.’

Yours in freedom,
Robert Metz

Freedom Party of Ontario

Remember, all contributions to Freedom Party are tax-creditable to Ontario residents. 2020 official receipts will be issued before the end of February 2021, in time for annual tax returns.


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