Mar 011996

Making Room For Freedom In The ‘Common Sense Revolution’ Pink Influences in the Big Blue Machine; Don’t throw eggs at Premier, throw roses; ‘Impotent union leadership’ criticized, condemned; Metz debates Hargrove, Manners; National Attention focused on counter-protest to union strike; Committee says ‘NO!’ to Freedom Party; Human Rights Commission likened to Gestapo; Vaughan generating controversy; Rent Control, Medicare, Freedom Briefs, and more! Continue reading »

Jun 011995

1995-xx-xx.metzVIDEO – DESCRIPTION:
Aired: 1995 (Lindsays Community TV). With host Jim McKee, and panelists Robert Metz (president, Freedom Party of Ontario), David St. John (Chairman, Victoria County Coalition for Social Justice), Rick Danier (President of the Lindsay District Labour Council), and Don Pennell (leader of the Family Coalition Party). Continue reading »

Dec 011991

Freedom Party Launches Campaign For Freedom Of Choice In Education; Fp Targets Union Election Tactics; Protection of Rights Key To Constitutional Success, Says Frampton; Freedom Party Advocates Phasing Out Rent Control In Ontario; Bad Intentions Behind Bill 121, Says Metz; Socialism Under Fire; Freedom Party Joins Tax Coalition Battle; Freedom Party Sunday Shopping Views Clash With All-Party Committee; Government Pulls Plug On Private Daycare – Metz Warns Daycare Operators of NDP Agenda; The Gulf War: Protesters Backing A Bully, Says Robert Metz in Newspaper Editorial; Year-End Re-cap, and more…! Continue reading »