Jan 122007

“Hours before leaving with a trade delegation to India, the birthplace of Buddhism, it was announced that your government has scheduled February 8, 2007 as polling day for by-elections in three electoral districts in your home province of Ontario, Canada. As you should know, February 8, 2007 is the date on which many Buddhists observe Parinirvana (also known as Nirvana Day), which marks the death of Buddha…” Click here to read the full media release.

Nov 082005

“Pardon me ladies and gentlemen, but with 11 paragraphs about who should pay for snack food, Mr. Tory has unwittingly provided us with a black and white demonstration of what is actually undermining Ontario’s confidence in the political process…” [Click here to read the full release]

Aug 112005

“The murderous gangsters among us are parasites, and they will continue to feed on all that is good in Ontario until nothing but misery and fear remain. Police action, not politicians’ ribbon-cutting ceremonies on inner-city basketball courts, will prevent the spread of this menace…” [Click here to read the full release]