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An open letter to the Members of the Ontario Legislature

Tutti Frutti Toryisms

Political apathy result of outrage over the inconsequential

November 8, 2005, Toronto

Dear Members of the Ontario Legislature:

In yesterday's National Post, the leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, Mr. John Tory, was handed an important luxury that few of us will be given: the publication of a column in the National Post.  Unfortunately, he used it to spread voter apathy.  Fortunately for him, the National Post did him the courtesy of not posting my responding letter to the editor.  Perhaps one of you will do me the kindness of reading this letter into Hansard, in lieu.

Ontario is faced with challenges to its health care, education, and electricity sectors.  One could argue that government policy on such matters is wrong.  One could argue that certain things need to be improved.  Yet Mr. Tory used not one of his 714 words to object to government policy at all. Instead, he focussed on Mr. Duncan's expenses while abroad on government business.
In his National Post article, Mr. Tory wrote:
"Ask any small businessperson and they will tell you: The people who can't get the little things right don't get the big things right either."
I will not defend Mr. Duncan's decisions abroad, but ask any businessperson and she will tell you: the people who "get the little things right" are called Administrative Assistants, not "Premier".  How much time - how much tax revenue - have Mr. Tory and his team blown by scouring of expense reports and doing Freedom of Information requests concerning these minutiae?  Mr. Tory: how about putting your time - the taxpayer's money - to work on making sure that the government gets "the big things right" for a change?  
Mr. Tory concludes:
"Until the day this culture of entitlement is eliminated, Ontarians' confidence in the political process will continue to erode. And this should worry us all."
Pardon me ladies and gentlemen, but with 11 paragraphs about who should pay for snack food, Mr. Tory has unwittingly provided us with a black and white demonstration of what is actually undermining Ontario's confidence in the political process.  These never-ending Tutti-Frutti Toryisms; these politically-motivated, boring dronings-on about implementation details; are the real reason for the growing indifference to politics.  The battles you choose, Mr. Tory, should worry us all.

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This letter has been distributed to all members of the Ontario Legislature and to all major news media.

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