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Freedom Party of Ontario leader Paul McKeever is the guest of “The Andrew Lawton Show”, which airs beginning at 1:00 PM daily on AM980, in London, Ontario. The interview began at 1:35 PM.

The discussion was prompted by a November 2, 2013 CBC news report about Mr. Sam Lou, who has been a barber for 15 years. Pursuant to the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009, hairdressing (which is deemed to include the work done by a barber) is currently the only service identified as a compulsory trade (compulsory in the sense that one must now be a member of the College of Trades in order to perform the work of a hairdresser or barber). Mr. Lou has been told that either he must learn the hairdressing techniques needed to style, perm, colour etc. a woman’s hair, or else he cannot be a member of the College of Trades. Having opened a barber shop one month ago, the government has just shut down his business. Another Barber, Mr. Frank Olszynko – who has been cutting hair since the 1960s – says that if he is fined for carrying on his barber work without membership in the College, he will refuse to pay the fine, and will fight it in court.

McKeever explains that, although the College of Trades must go, that is not the root of the problem. The problem is that government is preventing people from buying or selling services freely.

Listen to the entire conversation:

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Radio Program: The Andrew Lawton Show
Host: Andrew Lawton
Guest: Paul McKeever
Aired: November 4, 2013
Radio Station: AM980 – London, Ontario
Recorded: November 4, 2013

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